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Joey Duenas took time out from the scorching heat at fucking OZZFEST to talk to
me in the media tent. In case you didn’t know, Joey is the lead singer from
UNLOCO. Unloco is amazing. Unloco is straight out of Austin Texas-and you can’t
help but love them. Joey is a nice man, and a fucking brilliant singer. Read on!

MI-So Joey, tell me your birthday.
Joey-I was born August 8th, 1975.

MI-How did the band get together?
Joey-We just found each other in Austin. We were a bunch of guys looking for the
same thing. One thing lead to another, and here we are today.

MI-What is the average day like in your life?
Joey-Exhausting (laughing). I am out in the sun all day long. From eight in the
morning until midnight we are out here plucking away on tour and traveling from
city to city. Mentally you get really exhausted, and physically you get really
exhausted. I can sit here and complain, but if it was gone tomorrow I would bitch
about it.

MI-Who are the members of the band?
Joey-Pete is the drummer, Mark is the guitar player, Vic is the bass player, and
I am the singer.

MI-How do your parents feel about your career?
Joey-They feel great. All of the parents in the band are very supportive about
our decisions to choose this kind of career path. The back us 100% no matter what

MI-Have you ever inhaled Joe?
Joey-Oh yeah, all the time. I still do.
MI-Describe your music.
Joey-It is a clash of melody and metal put together. It has its softer side, and
it has its heavy side. I think it works well for all masses-not just one particular

MI-If a nuclear bomb were to wipe out everybody but you and three people, who
would those people be?
Joey-I would have to say Jonathan Davis, because he is just a good person to hang
out with. My tour manager, because I wouldn’t know what to do with my life
without him, and that really famous chef-Emeril.
MI-Do you believe in psychics?

Joey-Actually, I do. Sometimes I believe that we only use a certain percentage
of our minds and the rest of it is more powerful than we believe. If we really
put something into our head, we can accomplish anything.

MI-Tell me about your music history.
Joey-Me personally-I started playing guitar when I was twelve. I played in bands
here and there all the way until I was eighteen. When I got with this band, I
just put the guitar down and became a singer. –It adds a better flavor to
a show.

MI-If you could play anyplace in the world, where would it be?
Joey-At this point and time, Antarctica-because it is fucking HOT here in Atlanta.

MI-What would you say was your worst job and why?
Joey-I used to bus tables when I was a young kid, and I did it all the was until
I was nineteen. It was the worst because I had to clean after everyone else’s

MI-What made you decide to become a musician?
Joey-Fucking Guns ‘N Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Metallica-those
guys are the reason why I do this here today.

MI-How do you think the corporate music world is changing?
Joey-I think that the world itself is changing, but I don’t think the corporate
world is changing with it. I think that they are kind of just doing business as
usual. They are not realizing that technology is starting to move on without them,
and they are doing nothing to compensate for that. So, that is why you see a decline
in record sales. You see a decline in the industry-just in general. They are not
evolving with the times, and they need to do something quickly.

MI-How do you think you are different than any other metal band today?
Joey-I don’t think we are different than anybody. I just think we go out
there and try to do our best and live up to our potential and it shows.

MI-What was the greatest thing that ever happened to you?
Joey-This band being on OZZFEST so far. We get to do the biggest tour this year-the
biggest tour of all time probably. MI-Did you get to meet Ozzy? Joey-I got to
meet Ozzy and the whole family. They are great people.

MI-Who is your hero?
Joey-I would have to say my father. MY father is my hero, he taught me how to
be the man I am today. Much love to him.

MI-If you could open for anybody, who would it be?
Joey-I don’t know, I would pretty much open for them all. –I wouldn’t
have minded opening up for Motley Crue or the Guns ‘N Roses tour back in
the day, or Metallica. I am already doing that Ozzy thing, and I have already
done the Disturbed thing, the Korn thing, the Manson thing…you name it and
we have done it. I think it is the bands that we haven’t played with that
I would love to open up for.

MI-What is your most memorable moment on OZZFEST so far?
Joey-I sat in the dressing room five minutes before Ozzy went on and I got to
hang out with the band, go through the set list, and bullshit with them for a
while. I finally said okay, I am going to leave you guys alone. –Me and
Dan Donegan from Disturbed –he is the one who got me in there- were looking
at each other saying man we are not star struck-but that was pretty fucking cool,
you have to admit.

MI-What pisses you off about the world today the most?
Joey-I think people have a tendency just to generalize things. I don’t think
people know what to do with anything in their lives, so they have to put it on
shelves-in categories. –If you’re not in this category, then you suck.
If you’re not in this category, then you are a puss. If you sell on this
record label, it is because you guys are sellouts. I think those are bullshit
statements. I think that people need to realize that music is music, regardless
of what and where it is, and that it was meant to be listened to-not judged and

MI-If you were not a musician, what do you think you would be doing?
Joey-I don’t know, teaching maybe. It is a good thing. I would still be
in front of an audience, just a smaller kind.

MI-Who would you compare yourself vocally to?
Joey-I say nobody, because I am not as good as everybody who’s out there.
That’s what I think.

MI-Who do you think the greatest performer of all time is?
Joey-One of my favorites to watch is Scott Weiland. I think he is just electrifying
on stage. I think he is an amazing front man. I don’t know if I want to
say of all time-but at this point, it is what I can think of.

MI-Do you believe in reincarnation?
Joey-Not really. I believe you go to a different place, but I don’t think
you come back.

MI-If you did believe in reincarnation, who would you want to be?
Joey-A political figure of some kind. It is easier for them to change the world
than musicians.

MI-If you could have lunch with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be?
Joey-Kurt Cobain.

MI-What do you think about Cobain’s diaries being released?
Joey-I think it is an amazing thing. I think it is something that people would
really love to see-what kind of man he was from the inside. When you are in the
spotlight and in one of the biggest bands in the world, I believe that people
deserve to see who you are. That’s why you are there-for a reason-because
of these people. You should open up yourself a little bit more.

MI-If you were on a desert island, and could bring one book, one cd, and one bottle
of liquor-what would you bring?
Joey-Grey Goose Vodka. I would have to have to say Frank Sinatra’s greatest
hits, and Henry Rollins’ book.

MI-Where do you see the band in five years?
Joey-I see us playing, getting older-getting more broken bones (laughing).

MI-What is your favorite quote of all time?
Joey-My favorite quote is from Janis Joplin-I go out there and make love to twenty
five thousand people, and at night I go home alone.

MI-Do you have a message for your fans?
Joey-No message. I am not here to raise you guys and tell you
what to do. Just thank you very much for being the people that you are.

So, yes MusicIncider is a little crazy for Joey and Unloco. You want to see them
live. You want to buy the cd. –Joey is just an ordinary, average guy with
a killer voice and a GREAT stage presence. The fucking weird thing is…he
is just a really sweet guy.

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