All That Remains: This Darkened Heart


All That Remains is: Philip Labonte-Vocals. Oli Herbert-Guitar/Acoustic Guitar. Mike Martin-Guitar. Matt Deis-Bass Guitar, Piano. Michael Bartlett-Drums.

Attention Shadows Fall: Philip Labonte is sending you a hate letter with This Darkened Heart. Oli Herbert and Mike Martin play some of the best guitar I HAVE EVER HEARD on this cd. What I think is the most fucking funny is that ALL THAT REMAINS is going on tour with Shadows Fall. HAHA. Ask yourself: What would Machiavelli do? Well, he would go on tour with Shadows Fall of course. What else would Machiavelli do? Well, he would have Adam from Killswitch Engage produce his cd. He would find two of the finest guitar players he could. He would incorporate melody into his songs. Beautiful, aching, and clean like what we hear on Tattered on My Sleeve, Focus Shall Not Fail, and This Darkened Heart. He would find a solid drummer like Michael Bartlett who wouldn’t steal the show, but would still be pretty fucking great-kind of the Joey Kramer Type. He would find himself a multi-talented guy who could play guitar and piano like Matt Deis-you know, sort of the Kasim Sultan type. He would arrange his music to be like his enemies-deliberate and hard, but he would add melody and clean vocals…hmmm like Philip Labonte. He would make sure his vision for his cd was clear…like This Darkened Heart. He would make sure he was the star of his show. Machiavelli, in this case, is Philip Labonte.
All That Remains is going to remind you of At The Gates-but go deeper. Think Faith No More meeting Lacuna Coil head on in a car wreck. Haunting, familiar, and brutal. Let’s take a look at the tracks:

And Death In My Arms-The guitar solo on this one is Mike Martin. To me, this is about the death of a dream. You hold dreams like lovers-close to your heart. What would you do with a dead lover? You would hold on until somebody pulled you off.

The Deepest Gray-Strong spiritual overtones on this one. Blood doesn’t deliver you-fire does. Blistering pain and fire. Walking through shit and going through your pain makes you whole.

Vicious Betrayal-Who was your Judas, Phil? Tell me. Isn’t it a bitch to get a kiss on the cheeck from a loved one and then wind up on the cross? But on the flip side, that Jesus in The Passion of the Christ was a bad motherfucker. (I just couldn’t talk about yet another THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART song.)

I Die In Degrees-Every Day I Die. It sounds like a band name doesn’t it. Every day I die a little sounds a little weeker-but I die in degrees sounds pretty fucking cool. All in all, a good track.

Focus Shall Not Fail-You could call this the spell against ADD. Wellbutrin for the soul. This is my favorite track off of the cd. Having focus is absolutley critical-hmmm what’s that….oh shit, the phone.

Regret Not-I do not regret answering the phone. Oli Herbert does not regret learning to play the guitar. Phil Labonte does not regret his time with Shadows Fall. Carrying regrets gets heavy.

Passion-Finally. A fuck song. Why does it seem like this is the first fuck song I have heard out of this genre? -Then again, it seems like a tribute to The Passion of the Christ when you throw in the lines about the world ripping him apart and souls. I would have preferred this to be a straight up fuck song.

For Salvation-THE ANTI-WAR SONG. Are you listening, because THERE IT IS. Make a change. I couldn’t agree more.

Tattered On My Sleeve-With bands like Killswtich making it big with ‘SCREAMO’-this ought to be a hit and put this little band on OZZFEST or something. Hearts tattered on sleeves.

This Darkened Heart-This song is about rising above and being more than the bullshit that is around you. It is upbeat, and trust me you want a piece of it.

The artwork on the cover is amazing. I can already see the t-shirts. As much as I like Brian Fair from Shadows Fall-Philip Labonte is a superior vocalist. The guitar playing on the cd is absofuckinglutely outrageous. The music is heavy, hard, and melodic. I am looking forward to seeing more out of ALL THAT REMAINS. Would I tell you to go see them live-Fuck Yeah. Would I tell you to support yet another underground band-Fuck Yeah I would-especially this one. All That Remains gets eight FUCK YEAH’s out of ten. Officially, they beat Shadows Fall.


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