American Devils: Live at The Masquerade


American Devils: Ryan Wexler-Vocals. Raegan Wexler-Drums. Ben Still-Guitar. Matt Bailey-Guitar. Chris Buchanan-Bass.

Barbara Fara
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Yup. American Devils is indeed a high-energy rock band from Atlanta. Believe the hype. I have been watching these guys for about four years and have seen them explode up until this point. -Things to like about American Devils-Ryan Wexler actually sings. I hear an awful lot of growling and rapping these days. Ryan sings. Singing is good for the fucking soul. You can understand his lyrics and there is a load of fucking passion behind that voice. -You can hear him motherfucking roar like Ronnie James Dio or Rob Halford. Ryan Wexler has those fucked up eyebrows that make him seem pretty fucking devilish, and he is a fucking character. Ryan reminds you of the guy at a party holding on to the last joint WAITING until people BEG him to pull it out of his pack of smokes. -It is that particular attitude that makes him very interesting to watch live. -Matt Bailey. How much can I possibly LOVE a sexy fucking guitar player?! We all know I have a particular weakness for them. I love them when they are beautiful, and I love them more when they have power. Yeah ‘The Matt,’ I am talking about you. Out loud. In an article. Matt has an explosive stage presence and will make everybody happy in one way or another. I wonder how the new guy is going to work out? -Chris Buchanan on bass. We all know there is a massive shortage of bass players in Atlanta, quality bass players. You know, ones that don’t suck. Chris does not suck, not at all. He works out well with Raegan on the drums. There is a lot of thunder in the percussion of American Devils-but Chris I want you to seem like you are having fun. Take a look at Marco Medoza. -Ben Still-guitar. Hmmm, is that your real name or a stage name baby? I like him because he is the brooding type when he plays. Think Matt Bachand from Shadows Fall with a half-twist of Hetfield. This boy COULD play lead. I can feel it. -Raegan Wexler looks so fucking innocent hiding behind his drum kit. Try to get a pic of his face. All you little Devil fans-try to get a pic of his face. I will post it and give you photo credit AND try to arrange it so you can get an UPCLOSE and personal look at Ryan’s eyebrows. Poor little Jim Morrison like drummer. I guess a lot of you Irish boys are a little shy onstage, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talented. The boy rocks like Joey Kramer and his beats are the driving force behind the American Devils. -I wish nothing but great things for these guys. They support the local scene in Atlanta and with local legend Mark Wills in their corner, they are bound to go somewhere. Songs that kick ass include SCARED and CALL MY NAME-look for their first full length release, SURPRISE.


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