Amon Amarth


The Vikings Invade Atlanta!
Amon Amarth at The Masquerade

Amon Amarth is: Ted Lundström – Bass. Olavi Mikkonen – Guitar.
Johan Söderberg – Guitar. Fredrik Andersson – Drums. Johann Hegg – Vocals.

Amon Amarth is on the rise. There is no question about it. Vocalist Johann Hegg arrives on the stage with a beer in his hand, and a Viking helmet on his head-and don’t let that throw you off. Vikings were bloody fucking conquering heroes back in the day-and what can you say except Hegg is Thor on stage. After a long day of bringing down the hammer on the guys who won’t do as he says, it makes sense that Thor would throw back a few beers and growl about it to me. –And Hegg is a beautiful growler. He has a pretty great vocal range, and has this fucked up sort of charisma about him that makes an Amon Amarth show feel like a close little party we have all been invited to after taking over the surrounding villages. –Death metal is larger than life anyway. To quote Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under, ‘I think that is what death metal is about anyway-exploring the unknown.’ So what the hell do a bunch of Southerners know about Sweden and The Vikings? I am from New York, and what the hell do I know? The answer is this-not a fucking thing. We don’t know a fucking thing about it, but quite a few of you mother fuckers seemed to start to understand the MINUTE Johann Hegg opened his mouth. Hegg accomplished his fucking mission and took us all on a journey. You will love watching Johann Hegg live. – Olavi Mikkonen on guitar is fucking interesting, and so is Johan Söderberg. Fuck, how can you classify them at all? They switch off between lead and rhythm so pinpointing their playing styles in fucking tough. Chuck Schulder came to mind, but then again so did Steve Vai and Rusty Cooley. There were so many elements of so fucking many guitar styles that these guys took on a style of there own and seemed like they were the violin section of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at times-and at other times they seemed like Thor’s henchmen. Pretty fucking cool. – Ted Lundström on bass. I am going to compare Ted’s style to Frankie Bello of Anthrax. Ted is hot, hardworking, rolling thunder on stage. – Fredrik Andersson is the drummer for Amon Amarth. With everything that goes on during a show like this, it seems like it would be pretty fucking tough for a drummer to even get noticed let alone have a stage presence. Fredrik did both. Every war party should have a drummer like Fredrik.
I really loved fucking Amon Amarth live. I didn’t know what to expect, and they blew me away with their stage presence and sound. Yes, go see them live.

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