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Amon Amarth – Versus The World

Amon Amarth is; Johan Hegg on vocals, Olli Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg playing guitars, Ted Lundström playing bass, and Fredrik Andersson playing drums. This Swedish band was formed in 1992 and has since released 4 albums including Versus The World. I have not listened to this band before this CD review, so bear with me.

1. Death In Fire: A decent track. The drums are a typical fast pace metal style and the guitars flutter about in a nice melody. The lyrics are growled and I cannot understand them. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I’m not a big fan of the growl and I hate not being able to understand lyrics.

2. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs: This song starts off to the sound of a large church bell and a distorted single guitar. Drums eventually sound off and the pace quickens. More growling ensues and the song becomes boring. The drums are the only things I found entertaining in this song. The pace in which the drummer plays is fucking amazing. I find it hard to believe he can move his legs that fast.

3. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard: The vocalist sounds like Cookie Monster singing this song! It’s hilarious. The tune of the song sounds good and the pace is a few notches down from the blazing speed I’ve endured so far. I enjoy this song a lot because there is more melody put forth. The song gets my head bobbing, a sure sign that a song has been well done.

4. VS The World: This is where, usually, a growling metal band begins boring me. The first few songs I don’t mind the same shit too much, but the thing about most of the metal bands I’ve reviewed so far is that they almost always have the same shit through out the entire CD; Fast drum beats, similar guitar riffs, growling lyrics that are not understandable, and little to no melody or changes within the songs. This song is just another track with fast paced drums, similar guitar riffs, and few minor changes and different lyrics.

5. Across The Rainbow Bridge: This song is a change up from the rest. There’s good melody and I can half understand the lyrics. The guitar is repetitive but it sounds good nonetheless and it eventually does change up every now and then towards the end. My only unanswered question for this song is what the hell is a rainbow bridge?

6. Down The Slopes Of Death: This song has some cool rhythm. I’m often reminded of Cookie Monster still when the vocalist growls. It’s kind of funny to imagine Cookie Monster in a Metal band. Anyhow, the song has nice flexibility and good range. The tune is a dark style; I enjoy that kind of shit.

7. Thousand Years Of Oppression: The way the song begins is cool. The drums fade in and the beat is solid. The guitars present a good sound. The drums cut out and a single guitar plucks away as Cookie Monster speaks a few lyrics. Drums kick back in and the story telling from Mr. Monster continues. This song would be a great track if the vocalist were left out. The instrumentals are good but the growling breaks down their integrity.

8. Bloodshed: This is an ok song, not too bad and not too good. It’s bland in most parts, but there is some good rhythm and cool beats. The tempo is slightly slower than most of this album so far. Nearing the end of the song there is a pretty cool guitar solo.

9. … And Soon The World Will Cease To Be: The song begins well but the vocalist kills the promising start. In between vocals the guitars lay down some good tunes and great rhythm. The drums are a typical fast paced set and sound like many other drum sets on this album. So the album ends on an ok song….

This CD isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. Some tracks resemble others on this album too much. Originality is a wonderful thing that needs more occupation on this CD. I’m not saying the entire album is unoriginal, but I’ve heard similar shit before. There are a few tracks that stand out on this CD that are different and present good melody and a change from the typical Metal sound and style. The vocalist really does sound like Cookie Monster and that bothers me, particularly when a band wants me to take them seriously. My boss tells me that this band is badass live and I’ll have to take her word for it as I have yet to see them live. When they do stop back in Atlanta I will be there to see the spectacle. On a scale of 1-10 I give this album a 6.

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