Amorphis at The Masquerade


Amorphis: Tomi Joutsen-Vocals. Esa Holopainen-Guitar. Tomi Koivusaari-Guitar. Santeri Kallio-Keyboards. Jan Rechberger-Drums. Niclas Etelävuori -Bass.

Barbara Fara
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Amorphis with their amazing cult status blows me away. They are HUGE in the fucking underground and base all of their songs and all of their work on a book of seven hundred poems based on the Finnish national heritage. -It would be like a band basing its entire work on Greek Mythology or Shakespeare-pretty fucking enormous and always something to draw on, but there is an overall guiding force for those that know the story. It is genius in its own right. The fans that KNOW that there is a story are able to roll with line-up change and realize that it is all part of an overall vision. Pretty artsy shit isn’t it? Amorphis is artsy without being stupid and pussified. Strong, powerful, and EPIC-that is what makes Amorphis AMAZING. -Let’s look at the new guy, Tomi Joutsen, on vocals. He is hot, but he is a break from the clean vocals we heard on FAR FROM THE SUN. Live, we have the occasional clean melodic break out of Tomi Joutsen with makes him different from most of the mainstream commercial growlers. He kicks ass vocally, and has this ‘genteel politeness (I have to say it like this because I can’t think of another way)’ about him when he interacts with the crowd. It is fucking refreshing. His moves are fucking aggressive, and it keeps them guessing. This guy alone, onstage, makes you feel as though he is personally thanking you for buying a ticket. That alone makes him different. -We all know I am not a huge Roadrunner fan (other than Stone Sour), but 98% Roadrunner bands will stand outside of the bus after a show and shoot the shit with the kids. KMFDM ALWAYS has a meet and greet of some sort-people are impressed with a personal connection. It allows them to connect to the music and it sells tickets and records. To use a Springsteen quote in the way he intended, it allows THE FAN to be IN CONCERT with the musician. -Look at country music, it is so fucking big these days because of FAN FAIR in Nashville. FAN FAIR used to be free and people could walk up and get autographs and artists would play small sets. -It is the little things that make good bands GREAT and Amorphis has it down pat with Tomi Joutsen. -Then we have the massively beautiful Esa Holopainen on guitar. When I interview him, we will probably induct him into the Libra Association. Why do I call him beautiful? Because that is the presence he brings to the stage. Beauty can be art, and some of the gloomier shit Amorphis puts out is made downright pretty. He is the Steve Vai in this band. -Tomi Koivusaari on guitar is the Joe Satriani in this band. Understated brilliance. He makes it look easy. -Jan Rechberger on drums is like watching a drum clinic in motion. I don’t know of he is aware of it, but it seems like he is trying to teach us how to do it AS he is doing it. Very Phil Rudd. -Santeri Kallio on keyboards is the mood. Gloomy, Death, Life, Art-he is there baby. -Niclas Etelävuori on bass is absolutely intense. While I was watching him, I couldn’t help but wonder what secrets he was hiding. -Couple this with the fact that they are all EXTREMELY nice guys and Amorphis could easily be a super group. I loved them live. Kick ass live songs include FAR FROM THE SUN, DIVINITY, BROTHER SLAYER and ELEGY.


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