Amorphis: Far From The Sun


Amorphis: Pasi Koskinen-Vocals. Esa Holopainen-Lead Guitars. Tovi Koivsuaari-Rhythm Guitars. Niclas Etelavuori-Bass. Santeri Kallio-Keyboards. Jan Rechberger-Drums.

Elegant, Heavy, Melodic, Progressive death metal-that describes Amorphis and Far From The Sun. -Pasi Koskinen on vocals has this majestic fucking thing about him when he opens his mouth that reminds me of Genghis Khan going into battle. –Esa Holopainen is a guitar GOD, and will make you feel the rage and pain of EVERYTHING through his pounding riffs. –Niclas Etelavuori on bass keeps it low and thundering like marching music and makes us remember that we have some black metal happening. –Santeri Kallio hold the mood of the CD together with his work on the keys and makes the album a continuous story. –Jan Rechberger on drums is a monter fucking player with his tribal fucking beats. –This is a fucking smart cd. It is put together well. Even the fucking cover is elegant. I REALLY like the fact that they have shortchanged no one with this CD who has enough sense to go out and buy it. It is really put together with the fan in mind. Let’s take a look at the tracks:

Track Listing:

Day Of Your Beliefs-When beliefs die, it makes you want to tear your fucking hair out. Do you remember when you found out Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny weren’t real? You probably thought the world was coming to an end, but it left you stronger and wiser about shit.

Planetary Misfortune-A beautiful song about cleansing. There is this theory that every four thousand years or so that the earth purges itself of all life and starts over. That’s how we get the stories about UFO’s and Atlantis and ancient spacemen.

Evil Inside-My favorite track on the CD. I find this one fucking haunting. I can name a thousand bastard men that have probably felt that way, then again it is a great S&M song isn’t it?

Mourning Soil-What do you think GOD or the GODS would say to you at the hour of your death? This song answers that. The black metal gods will answer your pain and acknowledge your suffering, it just doesn’t mean they are going to give you any relief.

Far From The Sun-This one is about leaving God. It is like that fucking Footsteps poem in reverse, but in this case God is a deadbeat dad.

Ethereal Solitude-In my solitude, me grief floats me up to the ethers, into other plains of existence. The past, don’t hold on to the past-the lyrics on this one are very smart like a T.S. Eliot poem.

Killing Goodness-This song fucking rocks too. I like to call this one the NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED DOESN’T IT PISS YOU OFF song.

God Of Deception-The suicide in this song is deceived by God. All suicides are deceived. Don’t take your own life…I think this makes Amorphis some sort of role model doesn’t it?

Higher Ground-This song is an epic poem about climbing to the fucking sun to see what is holding it up and how to heal. It is a struggle of the soul

Smithereens-Ahh, I never knew smashed pride and sorrow could make me so happy.

Shining Turns To Grey-The last five tracks are bonus tracks for the Amorphis faithful. –Look at this one. A death metal classic.

Follow Me Into The Fire-What? Are you a fucking Buddhist monk? -No it is much fucking deeper than a war protest. This one follows the redemption and cleansing theme.

Darkrooms-Lots of things hide in dark rooms don’t they? I like to think it was about a photographic darkroom though.

Dreams Of The Damned-Would I spoil the surprise? Close your eyes and dream. You know who you are.

Far From The Sun (Acoustic Version)-Beautiful and shows the extreme musical versatility of the band.

-Bonus Video-Evil Inside-Elegant. Extravagant. Deep. Dark. –You won’t be disappointed. Pop it in your computer.

There is a lot of grief in this CD, like many people, hopes, and dreams have died. It is a story and it hold up pretty fucking well. I enjoyed it because it is huge and primal-it makes Amorphis seems like a bunch of Warlord Angels in a fucked up but sensible sort of way. It is HUGE and has bonus tracks and a video. I really liked it and I can TOTALLY see why my beloved Type O Negative wanted Amorphis to be the opener on their cancelled US Tour. –Amorphis gets a TEN out of a possible TEN OH FUCK YEAH’s! You want it.


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