Andrew W.K.


Andrew W. K. at the Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 9/14/03

On a night where the majority of Atlanta was at the Kiss/Aerosmith/Saliva show, a thousand or so fuckers in Atlanta thought we would be smart enough to avoid all of that and go to the AWK show at the Masq. Once again, Andrew put on SUCH A FUCKING SHOW. He was in town in support of his new Universal release-Wolf. We got to hear some new tracks off of it-like TEAR IT UP, NEVER LET DOWN, and YOUR RULES. The crowd loved the new shit as much as the old shit-why wouldn’t they? But that’s not the point here is it? -AWK has such an onstage presence that two hundred fifty kids rushed the fucking stage just to get a little bit closer to him. One kid scaled a stack of speakers twenty five feet tall so he could get a little bit closer. Another kid went hand over hand along the rafters AT THE TOP OF THE CEILING at the Masq just to get a little bit closer. The AWK faithful came dressed as dinosaurs, cows, and clowns. The AWK faithful jumped on the man’s shoulders as he was singing. The AWK faithful chanted for fifteen minutes before AWK went on…AWK, AWK, AWK.
…Let me tell you, it takes a lot for people to get past Masquerade security. Those boys are big, smart, and tough. It was all they could do to keep catching them and throwing them back as they were trying to get onstage. I was amazed that nobody got seriously hurt. –But this kind of onstage performance makes AWK one serious band. It must be a real bitch to sing on key with 150 lbs. of screaming teenager on your shoulders. In spite of all the mayhem, they rolled out their new stuff and put it up next to the old stuff-brilliantly. -A kid named Matt drove down from Cincinnati Ohio and got a guest shot on the drums with Donald T.D. Tardy (ex-Obituary) looking on. T.D. Tardy is ONE SERIOUS fucking drummer. I would put T.D. along side one of my favorites, Jon Bonham, any fucking day. He is THE DRUMMER and probably the ONLY DRUMMER that can hold an AWK show together. –It was another kid’s birthday. This kid was named Michael. Michael approached Andrew earlier in the day at the world famous CRIMINAL RECORDS in Little Five Points. Andrew let him take the guitar from Jimmy Coup and play the opening for She’s So Beautiful. That is just world class grace and generosity from Andrew and Jimmy. –Birthday’s were announced right and left. Andrew even wished my cat, Ra Ra, a happy birthday. –See my cat really loves AWK. There is something about his music that makes my cat run all over the house at top speed and SCREAM. The only other band my cat thrashes to is Danzig. Anybody who reads what I write on a regular basis knows I LOVE FUCKING DANZIG.
So, I think AWK is VERY important. He has reached out and touched a vibe in fucking EVERYBODY that has ever heard him. Yes, his shows are fucking wild. So fucking wild that he should have been invited to go along on the Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, and Ozzfest. Bands TRY to work their crowds up into the frenzy that NATURALLY occurs at an AWK show. AWK might be smiling on stage, but his lyrics are dark…and the music is HARD. AWK’s music is all about living in the NOW, the right NOW. He is giving all of these kids a message about how to fucking live. –Live like there is no one watching. Live according to YOUR OWN rules. Be your own person…shit we SHOULD be telling our kids. AWK represents everyone on stage-the winners and the so-called losers. –The message just isn’t for teenagers. It is for everybody. Just because AWK doesn’t put a dark spin on their shit like fucking Korn does, doesn’t mean that they aren’t hard and heavy.
If AWK came out onstage in a black skirt, who would fucking know him? -So AWK came out that night in a 96 Rock t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Does that mean he isn’t a serious musician? Jimmy Coup hit the stage in a flowered shirt. Does that mean that he doesn’t know how to abuse his fucking guitar properly? -I think not. –MusicIncider Magazine is CHOOSING AWK to be the FIRST anniversary cover because AWK is always himself. The band has a hard, heavy hitting sound that blows you fucking away. It is SERIOUS music. It is GREAT music, and it is totally ignored by EVERYBODY that SHOULD be fucking loving it. AWK stands for a lot of the same shit MusicIncider stands for. We believe that if people can’t accept you for how you are and who you are-FUCK EM. We believe in GOOD music and a GOOD time. We believe in living in the NOW, the right now. We believe that people should be free to live as they see fit, and not according to what corporate America thinks. We hate kissing ass. –AWK is the CHOICE for the anniversary cover because he has all of the characteristics and beliefs that we have in a magazine. AND he loves his fans, rabidly. He believes that the kid screaming in the front row is just as important as the big name in the box seats-and that is why MusicIncider LOVES AWK.
MusicIncider wants to see AWK on the Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, or Ozzfest very soon. MusicIncider wants to see AWK on the cover of Rolling Stone. MusicIncider wants to see AWK get his own Behind The Music special-we think he is just that fucking important. If Korn can play the Garden, why not AWK? He loves New York City, shit man! MusicIncider wants to see AWK in BIG FUCKING VENUES all over the place. –Why do we want all of this for him and his band? Because that is what he fucking deserves. So CONGRATULATIONS AWK, you and the band are THE CHOICE for the anniversary cover. You certainly fucking deserve it!


1998 Room to Breathe
1998 You Are What You Eat
2001 I Get Wet
2003 Wolf

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