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ANew Revolution – Rise

by Barb Fara

CEO/President of


Joey Duenas – lead vocals guitar

Frank Salvaggio – Bass and vocals

Robert Urbani – Drums vocals

Shaun Stockton – guitar vocals


The last time I talked to Joey Duenas was Ozzfest 2003. He was a very honest, open and yet shy personality who knew exactly where he wanted to go musically. Five years later, Joey has started a new band called ANew Revolution who now has a hot new album out called Rise. I recently caught their show at the Masquerade in Atlanta, and from what I’ve seen from their live performance, Joey has finally found home. They are, quite simply, a masterpiece of a band. You can not compare this band to any other band out there right now, which is saying a lot thanks to all the copycat acts out there. They are not Saliva, they are not Hatebreed and they are not Chimera. This is a total new round up. It is like Joey has taken all his former past aggressions and added his very life into the lyrics which makes the album and live show outstanding. His producer Mudrock, who followed him from Unloco, has done a great job. Even the mastering by Dave Schultz – he knew exactly how to mix this band together.


I would not consider this album a parent advisory album; the parent music resource center that was founded by Tipper Gore had no right to put an advisory on this. I wonder what Tipper’s kids are listening to on their little Ipods and I would bet money that she is not asking them a thing. She doesn’t give a shit what her kids are listening to. This is not a hard album. This is not a raunchy album. This is an honest album. Let’s take a look at the tracks.


  1. Done –Done is a fantastic song; a very brutal tirade from someone who is tired of being shitted on in a relationship. I think the one funny part is when you listen to the chorus you get that Saliva’s “Sickest of the Sick” sound. I’m not saying they stole it, but the similarity is remarkable. I was just saying whoever was playing the lead guitar is using Dimebag Darryl’s style of playing. I think Joey and Shaun should be offered a Dean guitar’s “Dimeback Dean’ guitar, if they have not already. This is a great song for one reason. You are really pissed at your boss, your best friend, whoever and you don’t know how to tell them – send them this song. It comes down to the saying, if you can’t be honest with me, then I can’t be honest with you. They are finished and tired of being shitted on in their personal life, professional life; they just want the respect they deserve out of this relationship. It seems like to me that the band is calling for a little respect and they deserve it.


  1. N.M.E.  – Honesty again. No more head games, no more bullshit. This is about a relationship where a partner is bullshitting someone and their partner finds out. Finally tired of the lies, they want out. All they want is communication and instead they have been used. A great break up song for those who want to be a real bitch and cut out the heart of the one that has hurt them. Somebody here has been really hurt and they are tired of the feeling and now they simply want someone honest in their life.


  1. Generation – When we look at Generation, it reminds me of Alice Cooper’s “Generation Landslide”. When Cooper wrote that, it was an interpretation of what he saw in the future. And now we have ANew Revolution and Joey is telling us that his generation is the future and they are the only ones’ who can change it; he is asking you nicely to help him get there. We have to take a stand and get out and vote and get these monsters out of office. Whereas Cooper’s song was more of a horrific nightmare, ANR are doing it just as raw but more sensitively and with more hope. Where Cooper scared you with his vision as he saw it, like a prediction, and we are going back to the mid-seventies and pulls no punches with the poisoning gas and the mothers dying, but ANR are saying that it’s time to wake up now before it gets worse. It’s time to protect our world. They are trying to spark the new generation of Americans to get out and vote. He did an excellent job on this song, where Cooper made it darker and down to where your bone’s ached. But he got his message across, and now they ANR are doing just as succinctly.


  1. Rise – When I hear Rise, I think this song is for all the people out there that have been abused – ANR are telling you to step up. Nobody should take shit from nobody. And yes, men get abused, too. The cycle of abuse is never-ending until someone has the balls to get help. It could also be interpreted for the kid in high school constantly being picked on by the class bully. And yes, you can even be bullied on the internet. When someone says, I am being hurt, and everyone tells him to ignore it, sometimes that is just not enough to solve the problem. The answer is getting up, speaking up and if they can’t accept you for who you are, they fuck them – and if they continue to bully you, then take out a restraining order. Kids are tired of being picked on. Even if you have to get help from a neighbor or a cop – don’t be scared to call child protective services or if you know someone who is getting hurt, don’t be afraid to call 911 and report it.


  1. Saddest Song – This ballad is dedicated to all those who are suffering in relationships and all they want is a little respect from their partner, even a simple smile. Either be honest in the relationship or walk out before you hurt them even more. Be kind enough to let them find someone that will truly love them.


  1. California Burning –Wildfires are burning all over the state of California, wiping clean everything in their path. This is the band saying, fuck me the wrong way and I will fuck you back. They are tired of being fucked over by the corporate world and the government. They are tired of the way we are all being treated. But to me, this is a stand up song with the band telling the world, don’t fuck with us, we are here to stay, and we will consume anything or anyone that stands in our way.


  1. True Faith – Here ANR covers a New Order hit straight from the eighties, giving it a hard edge and new interpretation. This could be anybody in anybody’s life. This is a person who is going through a massive depression. From a hard childhood, from alcoholic parents, bounced from family member to family member. And now that he has finally grown up and is on his own, he has not become what his family or his teachers wanted him to be and he has been marked the loser. This song is his lament.


  1. Let Go – You’ve got a relationship that is unraveling. The partner in this relationship realizes that they are growing apart and he gives her a choice, either they reconnect or he has to let her go. Even if the tears start to flow, don’t expect him to be there because he is ready to let go so that sometime in the future they might actually be able to reconnect. She is playing head games that are ripping him fucking apart. The bus stops here and she must get off. No more bullshit, no more lies; this time, it’s done.


  1. Beautiful – To me, is dedicated to each one of the band members partners and wives and their families. They know if it was not for their support, this band would not be where they are today. When they are on the road this is how they must be feeling. They want those loving arms around them and to feel the love that they are missing so much. Even though, in their own mind it might appear to be a sick obsession, but it is not – it is the honest truth and these girls should not forget that, they are loved so very much. (not you, groupies – they are married!)


  1. The Lonely – I remember when My Chemical Romance came out with their hit song “The Black Parade”. This tune has a similar message and I hear it as ANR’s call to arms – done so beautifully and so symphonically as it explores the rage of isolation. But the song is the truth; you can be in a room full of people and still feel like you are all alone in the universe. Sometimes people can deal with depression and sometimes people take the easy way out with suicide. The person that wrote this song is dealing with his own personal issues and even though he hopes that someone is listening, deep down inside he knows they are not. What ANR are trying to tell you, is if you are hurting and lonely, talk to someone. If your family does not listen to you, go to your doctor. The answer is not taking a bottle of pills or slitting your wrist. This is why god created Bristol-Myers. I heard they really make some great antidepressant drugs. You’ve got to look into that persons eyes that are hurting and see them deep down inside for who they are and just be there to support them and get them the help they need.



  1. Love to Hate – This is another great song. When I hear it, I think of Nirvana, I think of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ where Kurt would do anything to make his partner’s pain go away. Here, ANR is doing it the exact opposite way. He is giving his loved one a hell ride and yet she sticks around even though he wants to hurt her. His love for her must really be a weight on his shoulders, between his career and life on the road. Even though he loves her, he wants to let her go, but she holds on because she believes it can work out and she will stand by him for a lifetime so that he is okay and that he knows that he is loved. This is one song that if a couple is in trouble, I would send it back and forth to each other more than once. Open your hearts and let the love flow in. Stop finding ways to hate her in order to protect your heart. She won’t let you go because she loves you. This is a beautiful ending to a great album.



As a member of the Grammy Association, I believe this album should be nominated for best rock album of the year. Joey and ANR have grown and evolved to where they should be as big as Seether, Slayer, Megadeth, Stone Temple Pilots, even the greats like Aerosmith. They should be nominated for something off this album, at least a single. Joey’s vocals have grown so much from the days of Unloco; from the sweet kid that I knew who was a fantastic musician then, and now is a master at his art. ANR speaks their truth about broken hearts, depression, and overcoming adversity. Good work boys, I would recommend this album to anybody.



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