Anthrax- We’ve Come For You All

Anthrax is: Charlie Benate-Drums, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Scott Ian-Rhythm Guitar, Vocals. Frank Bello-Bass, Vocals. John Bush-Vocals.
Rob Caggiano-Lead Guitar.

When you hear them on their new CD We’ve Come For You All-you might as well be at a live fucking Anthrax show-ahhh, a lethal dose of Anthrax and you are going to fucking LOVE it. The CD is like a concert without the fans their cheering them on at. The CD in simple words- kicks FUCKING ASS TO THE HIGEST LEVEL-all the way from New York to Los Angeles. -When you hear Johnny Bush’s voice you know you are listening to the reaper in his purest form. Johnny belts out clean cool of vocals of death in the clearest form. You will be drawn in and you know he is coming for you at anytime to take you that City of the Dead. -When you hear Charlie Benante on drums, you know he is the drummer of death for the Reaper and he compliments the Reaper so well it sends shivers up your spine. -When I look Frankie Bello, I don’t know why the Devil Steve Vai has not picked him up yet. Does it make a difference to the Devil if you play bass or not? Then again, who cares-because know Frankie enjoys being the Reaper’s Assistant in Fucking Crime-otherwise known as the Fucking Mortician, and you can hear it in his bass playing. The Mortician is just cutting you up, doing the autopsy with his bass-as he takes each part out of you and drains your blood for the Reaper to feed on. -Then we have the Necromancer. Good old Scottie Ian. Scottie needs his Necromancer Axe to entrance you to believing in the Reaper and to go along with the ride. –Rob Caggiano on lead makes it worth the trip and you can hear it in each note. He entices you and makes you want to go and between all of five them. Rob is the Reaper’s pied piper. (Did anybody notice Rob thanks Mistress Carrie in the liner notes?)

You get death calling you to join them in the City of the Dead where the party never ends-at least they let you think that, as they take you apart piece by piece-limb by limb-organ by organ-and they drain your blood so bad that you can’t wait for more! You the soul, living or dead, just can’t get enough so you feed yourself and them just by listening to this CD. –Ok Johnny Reaper with his Team Of Death; Lets take a look at the tracks and lets what the wonder what the psychic comes up with. Don’t worry, I won’t take your soul, I already fucking have it. I got the fucking CD.

Contact-Open the letter. Here comes Anthrax.

SUPERHERO-You have to be your own fucking hero in this life. Don’t worship fucking anybody, because that kind of worship will get you killed, and then they will drag you into the City of the Dead and slice and dice your soul. Don’t have blind faith in anything but yourself.

What Doesn’t Die- Real nice calling boys? We all know we all die.
Are you trying to tell us that we don’t die and that you’re the only ones that can take us? Bullshit, we are born to fucking die!!! Oh yes and we must worship you-you are death. We have to remember that. You’re always in our back pocket to remind us you’re there. We know you’re there everyday, and you don’t have to brag about it boys! – And we already know what death has taken from us our loved ones.

Safe home-Look at this, a love letter from a soldier to his loved one on how he served his country. He is here again fighting for his country
And the one dream he holds on to his love for his family and that special person in his life and prays each night that he comes
home to that person-that is the link to keep living.

Refused to be Denied-Be Free. Stand up and fight. Believe in yourself, because the Reaper comes for everybody to take you to the farm sooner or later. Death knows your name, and death knows what time you have left-and death comes for everyone. Don’t let anyone hold you down.

Nobody Knows Anything-Fuck you, you phony fucks. This is a song for Vietnam War vets. Everybody is a FUCKING LIAR, and they will all drop change in an empty McDonald’s cup and cry at a big black wall-but nobody knows do they? Nobody really knows what they went through.
Can you understand when a person has had enough?

Strap it on-I want my youth back. I want to be a kid. I want to take me back to when I was growing up. This is war easier when I think of the old days before I enlisted because I thought it was the right thing to do. Now I am abandoned, so I will strap on those memories to get me through the days of pain.

Black Dahlia-Hi, My Real Name is President Bush the Reaper Calls Him the Black-Dahlia. -Now all you suckers might think I am a paranoid fucker-I am the reaper but you don’t see what I see. I see a phony fuck. Open your eyes.

Cadillac Rock Box-This is the last call GI-JOE calls makes before he leaves to go war-and then his friend receives a letter from him overseas. I can imagine it went something like this-when I die, through a party and play my favorite music. GI Joe dies, and bury him in his Cadillac Rock Box.

Taking the Music Back-The reaper speaks about the music Industry and how many promises him and his crew have been made. They are pissed off and the black suites are now making so called new promises. See the suites don’t understand is that the Reaper has already has taken back what he has created and now and the reaper and company won’t play their game. –Is it any surprise Roger Daltrey sings on this?

Crash-The walls come crumbling down with Frank Bello

Think about The End-This is much more detailed version of the Doors Moonlight drive-The hero in this song goes into detail how he has no life, no belief system and has had none. He goes day to day with the thoughts of dying in his head and how he is going to do it- but he wants his loved one to come with him. He trying to show her they are better off dead and there has to be something better on other side. He gives her suggestions on how to do it. He will do her in first, and then he will do himself in.

W.C.F.Y.A-We’ve Come For You All. How long did it take you to figure that one out? Anthrax is famous for the anthem now aren’t they? This fucking song points out how nothing makes sense, war is always wrong, the economy is shit, people ARE out to get you, believe in yourself, love people who love you, and trust no one….The title track ties the whole album together.

This is a great cd. To me, it is anti-war. To you, it might be anti-bullshit or anti-establishment. You get guest appearances from Roger Daltrey and Dimebag Darryl. Charlie Benate steps out from behind the kit and plays some lead guitar. –This CD is spooky and aggressive, and it lets you interpret what everything means to YOU. Anthrax was one of the first bands to join Hard Rock and Metal and make it kick ass-you should get this cd for that reason alone. To quote Reverend Gonzo from Knuckleduster, ‘It is time to kick ass with Anthrax.’

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