Artimus Pyledriver: The New CD


Artimus Pyledriver: Dave Slocum-Vocals. Travis Owen-Drums. Jimmy Hall-Guitar. Damon Goldsmith-Guitar. Mike Faulkner-Bass.

Barbara Fara
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Can I gloat about how fucking smart I am? I am a fucking genius. I called this-and now AP is on the indy start up label DRT Entertainment. …Let me tell you the story about how I figured this out. Everyday I get up and check the videos on Comcast. Fuse, Music Choice, MTV, and especially Havoc. I always need to know who is on Havoc. Half asleep, I notice Artimus on the top of the fucking list with something called SWAMP MACHINE. I immediately get pissed because EVERYBODY knows it is SWAMP DEVIL and get on the phone until I find their label. -After I get off, I notice my boys are signed. God Bless Em-they deserve to be as big as Elvis. So I get back on the phone and request the press pack. I couldn’t be more happy-let me describe the cover art to you. It is red and black, of course. Big black birds on the cover, complete with that all important Parental Advisory label on the cover-I love those fucking labels because they make sure records fly off of the shelves. -And this new CD was recorded at the A Room Studios in Atlanta. It was mixed and mastered at Ledbelly Studios in Little Five Points. The Thank You list includes southern rock icons Nashville Pussy, Gonzalez, and two of my personal favorite bars-The Star Bar and The Highlander. It also includes every little band that Artimus has ever hit the stage with. That in and of itself proves a point that I have tried to make time and time again. Southern bands hang together period. They never forget where they come from, and they are all in the process of forming a sound that this country has never heard before. -Pyledriver, in particular, has a metal/rock/boogie fusion that works and is entirely unique. I can promise that you have never heard vocals like Dave Slocum can deliver. On the CD, he has booted his range up a notch and the vocals are clean. It is still vintage Dave. It makes it easier to fucking HOWL along with him. I don’t get lost on Dixie Fight Song anymore. By the way, I vote for the next video to be Dixie Fight Song live at the Masquerade. Let’s show the world Atlanta is more than Rap. -I love the twin guitars of Jimmy Hall and Damon Goldsmith. They are so fucking evil and melodic that they would make Vai almighty proud. Think ZZ top, and no I am not talking about the hair. They play a hell of a lot more than three chords. You can look forward to extreme and melodic riffs with a southern flair-you are gonna have to pick up the CD to see what I mean. -Mike Faulkner is all fucking important on bass. Really. He delivers that boogie woogie funk base line that is all to fucking important to the Pyledriver sound. -Then there is Travis Owen on drums. We have had some important and innovative drummers in Atlanta-Buffi Aguero with The Subhumans, Brann Dailor with Mastodon, Morgan Rose with Sevendust, and now Travis Owen with Artimus Pyledriver. Travis is just fun to watch. He is this fucked up Marky Ramone/Tommy Lee combo. I love that bastard.

If you want something that doesn’t sound like everything else in your CD player, you want the Pyledriver debut CD. Get the fucking thing while you can still get it cheap. The CD will lift you up off the motherfucking couch by virtue of its sheer power. Want to have some real fun? Catch Pyledriver live. They will rock your brains out of your fucking head. Go see them before you have to pay OZZFEST ticket prices to see them. You are going to love this band and love this CD. I love EVERY track on this CD, but I especially love the way GONE TO THE MOUNTAIN and DIRT ROAD WHITE GIRL are put together. -You still here? Go find the CD.

Track Listing: Swamp Devil, Gone To The Mountain, Ride On, Dixie Fight Song, Dirt Road White Girl, High Life, Natural Progression, Shaggin Ass, Get Some, Up The Creek


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