As I Lay Dying


As I Lay Dying at The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 1/27/04

As I Lay Dying is: Tim Lambesis (vocals). Jordan Mancino (drums). Evan White (guitar). Chris Lindstrom (guitar).

And I know I am missing a guitar player, let me know his name. –OK. I did some research. Just try to fucking find a bio on this band ANYWHERE, including their site. Also pay attention when Tim Lambesis says check out our lyrics if you want to see what we are all about. They are a Christian hardcore band my little heathen readers, but that doesn’t mean they suck like P.O.D. –The lyrics aren’t so much praise Jesus oriented, as they are spiritual, and I will be the first person to admit that music moves the fucking soul. The music is not an expression of religion at all, and if they were I would be the first one at the fucking concert shouting hail Satan. So look at the lyrics if you want to. Look at them if you think you need to. Look at them if you want to sing along. I think As I Lay Dying needs to sing about things that move them passionately and completely in order to pull off their live show, and their live show has improved GREATLY since I saw them open for my Chris Barnes and Six Feet Under. Touring for their Metal Blade Release ‘Frail Words Collapse’ seems to have done them a world of good. –Tim Lambesis seems to have settled down and can work a crowd like he is a half price sale on the top ten cd’s at Sam Goody’s. They fucking loved him. He owns that growl of his these days and is projecting that fucking Rock Star charisma all over the place. Evan White on guitar blew me away. The change up between his vocals and Lambesis’ vocals seemed very Lacuna Coil-but not in a way that pissed me off. White has a very haunting vocal style, even though you can’t understand a single fucking lyric out of his mouth. When he did the dual guitar riffs with Chris Lindstrom-that was pretty fucking amazing. The music style doesn’t leave a lot of room for solos, but the potential is there. Ah, and then there is that immaculate drumming. Jordan Mancino was pounding that kit like he was resurrecting the dead, literally. As I Lay Dying is a very tight, energetic band-and I do love it when the band is into their music and the shit is done well with a lot of energy. I have to say it though-In Flames. They remind me of In Flames. If you are into In Flames or Soilwork-you will be into As I Lay Dying. –The lyrics and what the band is ‘all about’ doesn’t really matter once they start to play.
Elegy has some pretty moments in it. I like the fact that this band seemed to be exploring some fucking melody. Forever drove the crowd fucking crazy too. Thousand Steps was BRUTAL and shook my camera until it stopped working-and guess what? It was really a great live show. I think I was harder on As I Lay Dying because they sound like Death Metal, but they aren’t. They are a grind core band that happens to have a Christian bent. They don’t suck like P.O.D. The instrumentation and the vocals are amazing. They are improving with each live show, and you just do not want to miss them when they come to a town near you.

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