Astral Doors: Of The Son And The Father


Astral Doors: Nils Patrick Johansson-Vocals. Jocke Roberg-Organ. Joachim Nordlund-Guitar. Martin Haglund-Guitar. Johan Lindstedt-Drums. Mika Itaranta-Bass.

This one turned me on, but I love Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow and that is who Astral Doors reminds me of. -Nils Patrick Johansson reminds me of David Coverdale and Doogie White. He fucking rocks and I really love him for it. I am into singers, what can I fucking say? I loved metal from the fucking seventies. Metal RULED then. Metal WAS BORN then, and any band that gives that time in history the respect that it deserves wins in my book. -Jocke Roberg plays an amazing organ…well they do call it an organ on the CD…..the fucking thing just POUNDS so it is almost OBSCENE. -Haglund and Nordlund’s guitars are amazing…it kind of reminded me of G3’s closing Hendrix tunes. Lindstedt on drums fucking rules like Terry Bozzio, and Itaranta on bass is reminding me an awful lot of Jason Newstead. -People are going to complain about the lack of originality on this CD, but Rainbow never put out a tune about bad priests like Of The Son and Father. The metal community never complains about bands that rip off Overkill and Six Feet Under-but Astral Doors is treading on their sacred ground. Sure there is only one Dio-but who does it better than fucking Dio or Glenn Hughes? I would rather see new bands come out and remind me of Dio than see more new bands come out and remind me of fucking Slipknot. We have ENOUGH Slipknot copies and not enough bands that pay tribute to the fathers of the genre like Astral Doors does. -The album has a tight concept that fits in with the band. The lyrics are up to date and not stuck in a past era. Cloudbreaker is about the World Trade Center and it made me cry. When is the last time you heard a song about witch-hunting? Check out Night Of the Witch and think about the last time you went through airport security. -The Trojan Horse or The Trojan Horde is going to remind you of Black Sabbath. What would Sabbath sound like is they were still recording? Listen to Astral Doors for the answer. -I like the band name too. Astral Doors remind me of The Doors-the doors of perception. Music is supposed to open doors to realities and experiences and you really have to like anybody that even cares enough to try. I give OF THE SON AND FATHER and eight out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’S, because I think that they are going to give us more on their 2005 Locomotive release. Astral Doors has all the potential to answer their critics and become the next Black Sabbath. Go to their site and listen to the MP3 of Cloudbreaker if you don’t believe me.

Track Listing:
Of The Son And The Father
Hungry People
Slay The Dragon
Ocean Of Sand
In Prison For Life
The Trojan Horse
Burn Down The Wheel
Night Of The Witch
Rainbow In Your Mind
Man On The Rock


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