Beerzone: Against The Flow


Beerzone: Iain ‘Captain K’-Vocals. Jeff ‘The Duck’ Walter-Guitar. Andy ‘Ruffy’-Guitar. Rich ‘The Smokin’ Legend’ Stix-Drums. Shifty-Bass.

Thank god for fucking angry hardcore punk. I am so TIRED of happy pop fucking punk. -I love Green Day with all my heart, but an operetta on American Idiot is a little weird-the rest of the album is pissed off and brilliant. -Punk should be angry and fucking rebellious. Punk music is for the times when YOU HATE FUCKING EVERYONE. Even Good Charlotte has a dark fucking edge to it now with The Chronicles of Life and Death. -Fuck the punk wannabes like -oh you know who you fucking are- that HAD to make their shit radio friendly so they could eat. They don’t really hate anybody and nobody is really sure about what fucking message EITHER of those bands are trying to put out in their music anyway. It certainly isn’t anger or rebellion now is it? SO IT IS NOT REALLY FUCKING PUNK! -I like my fucking punk ANGRY like The Exploited and The Sex Pistols. I like my punk rebellious and smart like The Queers. So let me tell you, I was really fucking PLEASED when I got a CD in the mail called Against The Flow by a band I didn’t know a fucking thing about called Beerzone. In case you wondered, I never read the press release before I put a CD in-you don’t get a press release before you listen to a CD and I want to be fucking honest in my review. -Beerzone WILL remind you of the Sex Pistols with their angry political sound. Against The Flow, the first track on the CD, sticks it to the fucking music industry for packaging punk into a marketable little nothing. -Stupid Little Man is obviously a love letter to George W. Bush. -Bryza is a punk anthem for an ex band member of the same fucking name. How is his liver? -Web of Lies is for all you little fuckers who have a rich fantasy life on the fucking internet. -And the list goes on. Beerzone has a sound that will remind you of the Dropkick Murphys and the Dead Kennedys. This CD is full of INSTANT classics like DON’T GIVE A FUCK and DEAD AND GONE. -You might ask yourself, where can I get this CD? I am pissed off and I have to fucking have it, and I would tell you to go to Beer City Records.
Beer City Records is located in Milwakee, Wisconsin and is the home of that other underground cult favorite-D.R.I. -But back to Beerzone, any band that puts out a CD called Strangle All The Boy Bands can win a special place in my heart. -I really like AGAINST THE FLOW and if you are into punk the way it should be played this band and this CD is for you. It gets a ten out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’S in my fucking book-and they are getting an early plug because they will be at Mulligan’s in Decatur on October 22nd. See you there.

Track Listing:

1. Against the Flow
2. Stupid Little Man
3. Bryza
4. Web of Lies
5. Don’t Give a Fuck
6. Life’s Too Short
7. Can’t You See
8. Ha Ha Ha
9. Neighbours
10. Dead and Gone
11. Simple Simon
12. Come On
13. No Point
14. Trolley Dolly
15. Stuck in Here


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