Billy Idol: In Charge of The Devil’s Playground


“Everybody got it wrong. I said I was into porn again, not born again.” –Billy Idol after his motorcycle accident.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

The VITAL IDOL stats- Billy Idol is William Michael Albert Broad, born November 30, 1955 in Middlesex England. -Billy joined the Bromley Contingent. What the fuck is/was the Bromley Contingent? The Bromley Contingent was what those Sex Pistol super fans called themselves, and evidently they thought themselves to be pretty fucking fashionable. Members included people like Sioxsie Sioux. (I could have seen Joan Jett fit in with this crowd.) –In 1976, Billy became a musician and formed a band called Generation X. The funny thing about that is-the generation following the Baby Boomer generation was called? Yes, Generation X-a prophet? Or just business minded? Generation X was signed to Chrysalis Records and released three records before breaking up. Did this stop Idol? Fuck no. He moved to New York City and managed to get himself on MTV when it still actually played music and not the bullshit they have on today with the classic ‘Dancing With Myself.’ The Vital One followed this up with ‘Hot in The City (1982),’ ‘White Wedding (1983),’ ‘Rebel Yell (1984),’ ‘Eyes Without A Face (1984),’ ‘To Be A Lover (1986),’ and ‘Mony, Mony (1987).’ Of course, there were many others. These are just the ones I can pull off of the top of my fucking head. Idol’s music and innovative videos made you want to actually turn on MTV. Yes, there was a time when MTV meant something for people who love music. You can call Billy Idol one of the founding fathers of MTV. –Life sucked for Billy in 1990. He had a motorcycle accident which, in my humble opinion, nearly fucking killed him just before the release of his album Charmed Life. Charmed Life hit number 11 on the charts in the US-wonder if the record buying public thought he was going to die? Isn’t it funny that you title an album Chrmed Life and have a near death experience? -In 1991, Billy tried his hand at acting in one of my all time favorite movies-The Doors. It was really fucking appropriate that he was in that movie after the accident. –Cyberpunk was the follow up to Charmed Life and was released in 1993. –Billy almost died of on overdose in 1994. Did Morrison save his life? You know, Morrison is still alive. I think I should be the one to let you know. Don’t you? -In 1998, Idol played himself in The Wedding Singer. He was so fucking funny. He was hilarious. He had to be a comedian in his past life. You could tell that he was in the accident that almost destroyed his career, but yet that one little movie let the world know Billy Idol was still around and nothing was going to hold him back. –In 2005, Idol released Devil’s Playground. He came to Atlanta in support of this release. –I was amazed and fucking jumped at the chance to see him live and take his pretty, pretty picture. Who wouldn’t want to have some alone time with a hot fucker like Idol at the Four Seasons?
I have to admit, I was really expecting to see a very different Billy Idol. I had not seen him perform in such a long time. The Wedding Singer is quite a stretch from a live performance at the Tabernacle and it had been a long time since Rebel Yell and White Wedding. I think the crowd might have expected that too. How many people thought Billy was going to wind up dead like Sid Vicious or impotent like Johnny Rotten? As always though, when I go for a show, I get pulled to whatever has quality and is fucking hot. This night, Idol was fucking hot. The lights went down and out strolled Idol in a white shirt and black jacket. His crotch was still tight and top notch, thank god that wasn’t ruined in the accident. The moment of truth came when he opened his mouth-he was still vital and still Idol. The voice was still there live, the moves are still there live, and he still has every bit of his stage presence and charisma. –The show covered his older stuff has well as his newer stuff. We heard such amazing classics as Rebel Yell, White Wedding, and Dancing With Myself LIVE. After this show, I am firmly convinced that nothing can beat Live Billy Idol. He has a magic touch about him during a live show. Not every performer has it, that magic touch, and some performers would be better off just doing studio albums and releasing videos for support of album sales-Not Billy Idol. He is old school and magic as hell. He don’t give a shit who likes him. He doesn’t have to. He has this ability to put a live audience under his spell where nothing matters but his music. There will never be another Billy Idol. Out of his newer work on Devil’s Playground, my favorite live tracks were Scream (this song makes you want to jump his bones, and his guitar player-Steve Stevens don’t suck either), Rat Race, and World Comin’ Down. –Billy Idol is a Rock and Roll GOD. Go see him October 26th @ The Taberbernacle.


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