Black Hole – Dead Hearts


Richard Carter – Vocals

Andreas Yiasoumi – Guitar

Nick Mitchell – Guitar

Max Hart – Bass

Alex Hunt – Drums

Blackhole is a band from Hertfordshire, UK. Their style is a melding of mid 90’s grunge, Punk and modern Heavy Metal.

Don’t Cry – The album starts off with a swift, hardcore punk metallic attack. The listener is grabbed and shaken and beaten to a bloody fuckin pulp, like a giant bitch slap across the face. The guitarists keep a tight rhythm intact and bust out your archetypal classic, sloppy enough to get the ‘attitude’ across, rock solo via late 70’s punk rock groups like the Sex Pistols (pre Sid Vicious era). The single note, hammer-on flurries between the main riffs are something straight out of the early 90’s hard rock scene ala Pantera. Strap yourself in….

If Only – Richard sings with extreme conviction, like a pissed off demon scouring and scourging the musical doldrums. Alex bashes away with the best of the best punk drummers, and matter of fact his style is that of a classic Rock n Roll trained skin-slammer. I’m hearing late Guns n Roses meets Pantera… not a bad combination to uphold, would you agree?

Scared To Change – Scared To Change is a cynical view of one who refuses (and is incapable) of following trends for another’s pleasure. This track is exactly where Guns n Roses Left off, but with more guttural and visceral vocals. Richard is utterly not afraid to put it all out there and rip your ears apart with his banshee screams. This group just doesn’t give 3/5 of a flying fuck what you think. They don’t follow your fashion or your follow by trends, its THEIR game they’re playing, THEIR drum they’re marching to and if you want to be apart of it, so be it…and if not, piss off.

Can’t Breathe A Word – I LOVE the intro to this song. Actually THIS is how the album should have started, this is EXACTLY what you’d want to hear if they were preparing to hop onstage for a night of rock n roll mayhem. The sonic environment laid out on Can’t Breathe A Word is forceful, dark, and ‘cock-sure’..and when was the last time someone used THAT adjective to describe a band? Not in a long time I’d say. Laugh all you want at that statement, but its definitely true, they strut like John Travolta, except they were the guys who burned disco albums in that baseball field in the late 70’s. That is, if they were alive back then. Ah, you get what I mean.

Tides – The riffs are stomping and gigantic, the band is as crushing and rock n roll as ever. If there was a little more melody from Richard on this song I think it would have kicked major ass. I guess, at some point one needs to hear a bit of a change in the guard. This is definitely one of my favorite songs, so I guess I can be a little hard on it; I just want to hear a melody that makes me want to shout along. A chorus that makes your fist pump..but still Tides just decks you right in the mouth and doesn’t say ‘Im sorry’ later on. They know what’s up.

Witches – Ah yes, Alice in favorite band of all time. These guys played upon what was the swan song of ol’ Alice’s 90’s releases. They took the down-tuned debauchery of Jerry Cantrell and modernized it into something all their own. I always will respect that can look to the past for influence, but wishes to take it into their own realm. The sound is a bit loud, so they had to compress it, so it squahes some of the dynamic some, so that’s an ill point of this track, but it hardly does a thing to keep me from banging my head in delight. Nor should it for you.

Post It Will – How many times have you been with a woman who couldn’t give a fuck about anything you do,then once you decide to do your own thing, she comes running back and wants a piece of whatever kick you’re on; to feed off your new energy? I’ve been there many times, and one must say to them, “screw that”. What comes to mind is that quote from Marilyn Monroe loosing saying, If one is not going to accept me for my faults, then they are never going to be allowed to enjoy all the good I have to offer. Its take it or leave it, I’m not changing for you.

Forever – Extending on the thoughts of the last song, this one has offered a very refreshing take on what was previously spoken. Like the last track it deals with an ungreatful former lover. But the difference about Forever is that he has finalized his words, made it very clear that this person does not at all belong, she is completely outcast and unwelcome. This is the big fuck off.

I’m Failing To See How This A Good Idea – Hell yeah, another mid 90’s Alice in Chains/Pantera influenced track. Chock full of odd and common time signatures. They take it all the way to wear I love hearing it. The verse is just tons of badass. I’d still like to see how much melody Richard can wrench out of himself, and while I’ve yet to hear it thus far, I’m still thoroughly enjoyed the ride I’m being taken on. This record is fun, its raw and has all the attitude you can ever imagine wanting.

My Lord – The age old question, and the same old doubt; ‘Is there a God out there?” And if he is, why do our prayers go unanswered? While we may never find out until we’re six feet under, we are allowed to be pissed-off as all hell. We’re allowed to shove all the anger we have in his face to say, “Look here, look at this big fucking mess we live in”. Amen to that, it’s a HUGE mess. I think this track is a statement of freewill beyond the religious side of spiritual confines. This is YOUR world, not His.

We Are The Dead Hearts – In the vain of classic Thrash Metal of the 1980’s, Blackhole throws us the ‘here we are, this is our credo’ anthem. I would say, maybe it could have been more effectively done at the beginning of the album, but at least it’s a change from the normal formulas that exist in Hard Rock. This is Blackhole’s version of ‘Motorbreath’ in a nutshell. Its grandiose, its down trodden and desperate. Yet, all at the same time it’s VERY sure of itself in its place among the rest. They’re here to stay.


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