Burning Human – Resurrection Through Fire


Jason Bittner –Drums,

J.Sunkes – Guitar,

Jay Vandervoort – Bass, Vocals,

Jonah Radelli – Vocals

Mike Stack – Guitar

Burning Human has been on the scene for quite sometime, originally forming in 1990. Until Ressurection Through Fire, they never had an official full release other than a demo that came out in 1995 and other here and there releases throughout the years. The wait is over and the full length is poised to induce a riot among their fans, these songs ar e along time coming. Burning human is the top of the crop Death Metal you can possibly get, not surprising since they’ve been in the scene for much longer than many.

Throws Of Dementia – This is your welcome to hell…just a taste

Tormented Mind – Tormented mind is a serious barrage of absolute metal. Double bass drums pulsing fervently, demonic growling vocals and blast beats throughout. This is the soundtrack to hell, if we knew what that’s supposed to sound like, that is. This song is just a big heaving mosh, filled with sweat and grease and dirt and blood. I enjoy the sound of each individual instrumental the guitar have a tight ‘clank’ to it, and the drums are very dry and punchy and yet their a very ambient reflection surrounding it, so the recording is obviously very intricate. Bang your fuckin’ head until it falls off.


As Good As Dead – I think I hear some new millennium Slayer creeping up in this track. I’m falling in love. The song is a brutal sensory attack chock-full of violent and poignant lyrics depicting a very definition of pain. More metaphorically, it could be a vision of those who are so emotionally distraught and imprisoned that one can only use such strong words to describe such a waste frame of mind. The music serves as a perfect companion to this idea, with the bands shamelessly and precisely bringing about aural destruction.

Chemical Experimentation – I second the saying in this track, “the worst mass murder of our country”. Indeed, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Does it ever make you wonder how easy it is to contract some disease? Take the main scourge of the entire planet, AIDS. I have this burning suspicious it could have been easily cooked up in some lab somewhere as a solution to annihilate entire groups of people. I remember a story someone was telling me about while I lived in Boston about those Harvard kids making their own drugs and selling them, which made me fucking sick. How can one of America’s supposedly most prestigious schools have such wasteoids clogging the halls and creating an even more sad existence for the rest of us. Who knows that the hell is in that shit?! I’m jaded, my best friends mother passed from that issue so I get really angry when I hear such bullshit. Good thing there’s this kind of music to ease off some of the frustration, bludgeoning our psyche with pure metal ass whooping.

Guilty Of Insanity – One of the two shorter songs on the album, and maybe my least favorite as far as the singing. I simply would like more melody and the vocalist sounds as though his voice is a bit strained. The syncopated breakdown towards the end of the songs kicks ass, these guys epitomize the idea of a ‘tight’ band. You simply can’t pull off the shit heard on that breakdown if you don’t have the chops and have a lockstep rhythm section like that of this group

The Final Conception – Continuously, I find myself in heaven (maybe hell?) listening to those guitars. In so many other heavy albums the instruments or so overly produced, they forget to leave out the dynamic elements that make guitar such a powerful in rock music. The leads are stronger than many of the other bands of this style of metal, and the harmonized section cooks. I do however fail to see the point in some of the lyrics in a way, I think one can only write about death and destruction but so much before you begin to yearn for a different point of view. Even Death Metal bands are allowed to go outside of the demons and devils, but again, not everything should be so literal, its better to be metaphoric and say a lot with very little. Thus we have ‘art’.

Self-Inflicted Crucifixion – That is one hell of a blast beat! Funny how I thought I heard Phil Anselmo in there somewhere. My mind is playing tricks on me. There are parts of this song that really bring me back to some of the days I was into instrumental rock, your Steve Vais and Yngwies. There is an indisputable amount of sophistication to such madness. The fact that well, since this is metal, the music can get very ‘modal’ if you will. Which is what has always brought heavy music to my attention. I love the fact that everything isn’t 4/4 time and 120 bpm. Although.. there’s a place for everything. Variety is indeed the spice of life. This song lacks NONE of which, it goes from a slow crushing chorus to a psychotic, high-speed death trip and everywhere in between, leaving nothing unturned. One is only left to try to find what’s left of their eardrums while rummaging through the aftermath.

Mass Murder – This is probably what I consider the most ‘musical’ song among the other tracks. An insistent melody plays it way through all the insanity like the rest don’t quite reach, This is also a somewhat slower, more groove oriented song, much like Slayer and Pantera were into in the mid 90’s, so I can identify completely with it, I was a HUGE 80’s thrash fan in high school, and Slayer had the best groove of them all (Hell Awaits, Dead Skin Mask etc). Burning Human definitely nailed some of that vibe with Mass Murder.

Resurrection Through Fire – This is the chaotic dramatic end of the album, and longest song (by narrow margin) and also the most demonic. It preaches the vibe in a different way than the other tracks, in a more ‘relaxed’ manner similar to that of Freddy Krueger’s way of laughin in your face,cracking jokes then killing you in your sleep in the most violent horrible way. By the way, the fact that there’s a remake of the film severely pisses me off, and even worse is that there will be NO ROBERT ENGLUND!! When will Hollywood learn?! Way to go douches, I don’t care how awesome of an actor the guy who played Rorschach is, he’s not Robert Englund. So, back to the song! The Lyrics are the best of the album I feel, they are a lot more, how would I say, omniscient. I like that point of view looking down into hell. And the fire at the end..intense. Listen to this track at 1:40am in the dark…definitely a good time if you like to be creeped out like I do.


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