Candiria: What Doesn’t Kill You In Atlanta


Candiria is: Carley Coma-Vocals. Michael Maclvor-Bass. Kenneth Schalk-Drums. John LaMacchia-Guitar. Eric Matthews-Guitar.

This is a high-voltage show. Ordinarily I HATE metal hip-hop. It makes me think of a bunch of fuckers who have NO ABILITY to make up their minds. Not in this case. It isn’t often that a fusion of jazz, extreme metal, R&B, rock, and hip-hop make it at all. Some of those bands are just fucking funny. I think Limp Bizkit has to be the best comedy show I have ever seen, but with Candiria this is not the case. Candiria works. In this band it makes sense live. -I really liked the CD. Smooth concept. Made sense, but you have to see these guys live to fully appreciate them and the way that they will rock your world. -Carley Coma is pissed off on stage, but pissed off in a good way. He brings absolute intensity and concentration to every fucking song. The man sings EVERY song like it is going to be his last-so you know it HAS to be GREAT. John LaMacchia and Eric Matthews on guitar were fucking fantastic. On stage they reminded me of Terry Butler and Steve Swanson. They were a part of the show! Mike MacIvor is outstanding on bass and back up vocals-he reminded me of Will from Mortician. -Kenneth Schalk on drums reminded me of Mike Terrana. I fucking liked them a lot. You may ask yourself why do they remind me of death metal and progressive metal in the way that they handle their instruments-and I would tell you it is because Candiria has a potential HUGE dark undercurrent. You can feel it just beneath the surface. What I would like to see is for somebody to let it motherfucking EXPLODE so that this band can become a new and improved offshoot of this type of music. They have all of the potential to be as big as Linkin Park, so go see them while you can still afford the price of a ticket.


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