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Cannibal Corpse – The Wretched Spawn

I’d like to preface this CD review by saying that I haven’t listened to Cannibal Corpse since Chris Barnes was lead singer. I listened to Cannibal Corpse many years ago and I liked them back then. I’ve worked myself away from them now and don’t particularly like the growling anymore. I enjoy being able to understand the lyrics of music. I do, however, still enjoy the hard metal sounds Cannibal Corpse produces. I’m sure I will bitch non-stop through out this review about the non-understandable growling, but I’ll try to keep it minimal.

1. Severed Head Stoning: My first thought upon the opening notes of this song was “Hell yeah”. I enjoy a nice heavy metal song. Then George Fisher opened his mouth and I remembered how much I hate the growling thing now a days. The song, instrumentally, kicked ass. It was heavy and quick, thrash style, but the fucking growling is just not my thing anymore.

2. Psychotic Precision: This song has some serious tempo changes all through it and it sounds great. I feel like I can get pissed and for good reason hearing the heavy thrash beats. Amazingly enough the growling worked decent in this song. Unlike the first song, Fisher kept good timing in this one.

3. Decency Defied: I can’t deny the fact that Cannibal Corpse produces badass songs. This is yet another heavy and quick tempo song. It keeps my head swaying and my feet stomping, I like that. The tempo of this song remains steady with slight pick-ups every now and then.

4. Frantic Disembowelment: Pure shit. I hate this song. It couldn’t get much more repetitive if they tried. It was the same shit for 2 minutes and 50 seconds and I was bored by the 30-second mark. I watched the clock tick towards the final destination of this song with utter disdain for the same guitar riff and the same droning vocals.

5. The Wretched Spawn: A great recovery from the last song. This track blazed through my ears into my brain and I wanted to break some shit! That’s a good thing, by the way. The hard hitting heavy riffs and speedy thrash style to follow left me wondering how the same band that composed this badass track composed the previous song.

6. Cyanide Assassin: It’s an OK track. Nothing spectacular at all. Come to think of it, nothing on this CD is spectacular… Sure, there are some good songs, but nothing I’m running out to stores for. Back to this song though. More growling (make it stop!) and more heavy beats lace with thrash tempo here and there. Very few songs stand out from all the others on this CD, actually. Same shit different song.

7. Festering In The Crypt: I must admit that this album gets boring very quickly. Every song has slight differences but end up reminding me of each other. I couldn’t pick out each song from a line up if I had to. They resemble each other too much. This song is another half-breed of the other songs off this album, or so it would seem. Nothing special about this song, just more useless growling.

8. Nothing Left To Mutilate: The similarity is pissing me off now. When I listen to a CD I want to be able to differentiate between songs. This song has more slowly to fast and back to slow tempo changes along with shitty growling from George Fisher. I’m bored with the CD at this point, but the show (review) must go on.

9. Blunt Force Castration: Unbelievably boring.

10. Rotted Body Landslide: Only marginally better than the previous track. It did keep a good slow hard beat at certain points, which made me nod my head, but as predictable as every other song on this album it changed up to a worn out thrash beat.

11. Slain: I’m tired of this album. Have been for many songs. This song is yet another duplicate with a few changes here and there. There was a cool guitar solo near the end, and that was just about the only good part in this song.

12. Bent Backwards And Broken: There was a solid 10 seconds in this song that I really enjoyed. It began at 1:42 and ended at 1:52. Everything else was just more shit on the pile I have bedded in my CD player right now. I can’t wait for this next song to be over with.

13. They Deserve To Die: I was honestly hoping I would like the last song. I tried my damndest to like it too, but I just couldn’t. The album is over and I have nothing to say about this song besides the usual “more shit.”

The album began well for me and quickly faded. If you hear the first 2 or 3 songs, you’ve heard the entire album. The band shows no range and no originality between tracks. I couldn’t have been more bored by the end of the album. I glanced over the booklet that comes with the CD and was amazed at how cheesy it is. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy blood and pictures that shock people… But they excessively over do it. Every page was littered with blood or some naked chick with what looks like undead zombie babies crawling from her mouth and vagina. The pictures of the band members were even beyond cheesy. Each picture was black and white and the band member attempted to look intimidating or scary. They failed miserably. It’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve seen in a CD booklet. Every lyric has to do with blood, bodies, killing, mutilation, and death. I don’t mind those topics at all, but when every song, verse, and word is about the same thing, it gets old fast. What more can I expect from a guy (George Fisher) that tells a joke such as: “Why didn’t the TV work? There was a duck behind the couch.” Lame. This CD is lame, boring, and unoriginal. I’d suggest making a 2-song album if you want to put out this kind of shit… That’s all the patience I’m willing to give to Cannibal Corpse anymore.

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