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Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 came down to Georgia. They were looking for some souls to steal
away from fucking MTV. Spider was worried that Atlanta had succumbed to the
curse of pop music. PM5K proved that Atlanta is not under the spell of the fucking
bubblegum corporate machine. Spider and Company made the building literally
shake. The crowd went fucking crazy when they appeared on the stage. PM5K tore



Systematic at Earthlink Live was motherfucking ass-kicking. They are like a
train that rides right through you. Tim Narducci’s vocals and stage performance
is like a Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar cocktail with a twist of Eddie Vedder. Have
ever heard of that drink Sex With an Alligator? Narducci is a sweet kick in
the ass that you are going to fucking love. You are going to just want to have
more of him. Adam Ruppel’s guitar is like Kirk Hammett’s of Metallica.
He plays that fucking guitar like rolling thunder. Johnny Bechtel had a great
fucking stage performance. He is a powerhouse of a bass player. He reminds me
of Oliver Riedel of Rammstein. He plays that bass like a lead guitar. Paul Bostaph
is Dave Grohl’s little brother on the drums. He beats those drums like
he is fucking going to war.
Fuck yeah, I would go see them live. You fucking asshole, if you miss the show,
you’ll miss the train ride of your fucking life.



RA Rises Over Earthlink Live in Atlanta

The Earthlink Live venue is totally amazing. Any band that hits Atlanta should
play Earthlink Live. It is a small and classy venue. My quest at Earthlink Live
was to find RA because my cat, who is also named Ra, loves their music. Heather,
from 99X, assisted me in my quest to find the RA. We met a guitar tech from
RA named Andy. Andy told lead singer Sahaj that MusicIncider wanted


Amorphis at The Masquerade

Amorphis: Tomi Joutsen-Vocals. Esa Holopainen-Guitar. Tomi Koivusaari-Guitar. Santeri Kallio-Keyboards. Jan Rechberger-Drums. Niclas Etelävuori -Bass. Barbara…

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