Cathedral’s Seventh Coming

Ex-Nalpalm Death man Lee Dorian delivers monster vocals on Cathedral’s new
offering to the gods of fucking darkness, The VII Coming. Garry Jennings (guitar)
is crisp and clear. He knows how to deliver for Lee Dorian’s voice. His riffs
spotlight his talent with a tiger growl. Leo Smee (bass) needs fine tuning.
He needs to be HEAVIER to bring out the doom in the lyrics. Brian Dixon (drums)
complements Dorian’s vocals and Jennings power riffs perfectly. The best move
by Cathedral was bringing in Lee Dorian. He delivers the music the way it is
supposed to be delivered.

The lyrics are very much like The Doors, but on the dark side. Morrison would
have loved them. The lyrics are pagan. The cd is not a black mass offering,
but it would be great for some ancient ritual involving some kind of living
sacrifice. It is a shame that another band has to dress up like assholes to
get the respect Cathedral deserves, and we all know who those assholes are.
Maybe the assholes should take some lessons from Cathedral instead of dressing
up like assholes and trying to be them. The lyrics tell the listener they are
divine, and to believe in themselves. Is this Satanic? No. Of course not. Anton
LeVey and Allister Crowley would be proud of the positive messages that they
are sending out to the world, too bad they aren’t around to hear them.

The music style needs to switch between lighter and heavier and feel so Dorian’s
voice does not get destroyed. Ozzy has a great song called Mr. Crowley. Mr.
Crowley is still dark and gloomy, but it has a lighter feel. It shows that Osbourne
can cover all of the musical range.

Make the heavy songs HEAVIER and give us some variation in the music. Would
I buy this cd? Yes, it is great. It is just a shame so many bands have ripped
Cathedral off over the years. Buy the cd, and you will see what we mean. Our
recommended beverage selection for this occasion would be a bottle of Jack Daniels.
Just don’t feel like killing yourself when you listen to it (We are joking.
We don’t kill people here at MusicIncider.) It is too bad that the band has
no American dates, or do they? Who the fuck knows. What a shame they weren’t
at Ozzfest this year! How did Sharon let this band slip away for Ozzfest? Let’s
pray they are there next year. Next to Ozzy, Zombie, and Danzig, Cathedral would
make Sharon have an Ozzfest better than all of the rest. Hey, wouldn’t Napalm
Death kick ass in this line up? That’s it.


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