Cattle Decapitation At The Masquerade


Cattle Decapitiation: Travis Ryan-Vocals. Josh Elmore-Guitar. Troy Oftedal-Bass. Michael Laughlin-Drums.

Cattle Decapitation is a vegetarian death metal/grindcore band. Go ahead-name another one. I can’t. -Pro-veggie, anti-meat and for some odd reason -not fully endorsed by PETA. You would think that this band would be the poster boys for the PETA movement, but much like label mate AS I LAY DYING-nobody in these little hardcore fundamentalist movements pays much fucking attention to death metal as a respectable genre. -Just because Cattle Decaptitation is not your usual brand of lab-bombing hippie loved by the animal rights crews, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a good size cult-based following loving what they are saying. -And you vegan fuckers, this is your band. The album cover that had to be changed for Humanure should have made you scream loud. This band is politically charged and is delivering the message you preach to everyone of your buddies eating a steak, so get over yourselves and try to name another band that has taken suck a strong stand on animal rights. -The band has a mix of early Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, and Carcass for a sound. Travis Ryan in a monsterous little guy on stage. He kept mixing beer and water which makes me wonder how these guys get their growls. I think the fact that such a small guy got such a big sound was absolutely amazing. Should we call him Napoleon? -Josh Elmore is a perfectly great guitarist. I would have liked to see him be able to cut loose with a few solos so I could see what he is truly made up of. -Troy Oftedal gives Cattle Decapitation that sound that makes the band sound like a thundering herd with a weird little bluesy undertone. Troy is a little different and I like that. -The new guy is Michael Laughlin on drums. New guy did OK-and I think he holds the sound of Cattle Decapitation together pretty well. -It isn’t the sound that makes Cattle Decapitation interesting live. The don’t have a sound that goes way off the usual death metal scale. What makes them interesting is the cause which they back with the band. That cause is backed in every lyric, t-shirt, and piece of art work. This isn’t a bunch of tree hugging hippies singing about peace and love. This is a bunch of metal heads doing something that they believe in. That makes them perfect for MusicIncider. -Tracks I liked live were Applied Human Defragmentation(call this one smart-gore), and Polyps. -Regardless of what you think about meat, Cattle Decapitation will kick your ass live at a concert. Go see them. -Me? I am going to go have a steak.


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