Everybody has an alias. Klayton, Klay Scott-or even Scott Albert-it doesn’t matter what you call him now does it? On this cd, the Celldweller is just plain Klayton-and look out Mr. Trent Reznor because just plain Klayton is raising the fucking bar with hardcore electronic music. I was most impressed with his voice on this cd-he sounds like fucking Maynard from Tool-and he is very fucking pretty to look at. Just plain Klayton is licensing songs off of this cd right and left for TONS of shit, and if you don’t watch out just plain Klayton is going to snatch your throne. Don’t get me wrong Trent, Pretty Hate Machine IS one of the best albums of all time but we haven’t heard anything from you since The Fragile. Just plain Klayton has been refining his craft while you have been doing your thing in the business world-and this cd completely reflects that. This cd is polished, hard, haunting, and danceable. You could call it the anti-hip hop album. I don’t want to pin the Industrial label on this cd, or even the goth label-even though there are shades of that shit here. You could call it a goth/industrial/hardcore fusion, but that would be fucking technical now wouldn’t it? We can’t have that. –This cd is a direction that I would like to see all electronic music head in. It has a more melodic sound than Bile-but Bile’s performance elements are there. It has the industrial edge and heavy beats of KMFDM-and Klayton is pretty like Trent, but Celldweller’s music doesn’t make me want to slash my wrists like Hurt does. Celldweller’s music rises above bondage and slavery while NIN’s embraces it-don’t get me wrong. It addresses the whole ‘bondage’ thing. I read the fucking press release, but it gives the listener the feeling of rising above it and it has those beautifully haunting moments in it that make you want to fucking cry. –I wish I had another basis for comparison other than NIN, but that is as close as I can get for somebody who has not heard this work. Let’s look at the tracks.

Switchback-Everybody wants to take SOMETHING that has happened in their lives back. Think about that one moment in time. What would you give to make another choice?

Stay With Me (Unlikely)-The Christ song. Did you ever feel like you were being crucified? It seems like Klayton did at one time or another.
When the ship is sinking, the first ones to jump overboard are the Rats.

The Last Firstborn-If you listen to the rumors, you are going to wind up alone and afraid and gasping for air aren’t you. This is a driving and haunting track. Trust me, it will make you have bad dreams-and you ARE going to like it.

Under My Feet-You could go a couple of different ways with this one. You could say it is Klayton’s take on Joni Mitchell’s cry baby songs about wanting and longing-done without the fucking whining of course. You could also say it is about somebody trying to recover after the death of someone or something. Fuck man, it is art.

I Believe You-I have this problem-I give my heart to anyone I believe in and stand by them until it fucking kills me or that person fucking betrays me, no matter what. It seems like the fucking hero in this song has the same problem.

Frozen-I like songs about being in SHOCK and having PTSD attacks. More people should write songs about that, because in this world like it is right fucking now-too many people are going through a lot of shit and great art reflects what is going on in the world RIGHT NOW.

Symbiont-On every great hardcore album, the control song comes out now doesn’t it? Somebody is always controlling or trying to control somebody else. Think about your own fucking life-who is trying to control you?

Afraid This Time-This is the scared shitless song, but this song encourages you to fucking fake it until you feel okay. When people SMELL weakness, they move in for the fucking kill now don’t they?
It doesn’t tell you it’s not okay to be afraid though, it is just telling you to fucking live.

Fadeaway-Alone. How many times have you felt completely and totally alone? No hope. No friends. No life. No chance of healing ever. Doesn’t it piss you off?

So Sorry To Say-In a way, this is the title track of the cd. The hero in this song wakes up in a cell and has no fucking clue how he got there. Think about it. How many times has shit gone down, and you have NO IDEA how it happened?

Own Little World-When everything falls to shit, build your own little kingdom in your mind. It worked for Hannibal Lecter when he had to spend hours in restrains didn’t it? Hannibal didn’t feel guilty, why should you?

One Good Reason-Who hasn’t felt like this? This one is going to remind you of Morrison’s Moonlight Drive, but in this version somebody is calling 911 and having our hero carted off to the loony bin. Why is it a crime to feel bad, as long as you talk about it?

Welcome To The End- Spooky fucking start to this one. The easy, slow, heavy beat in this would have been fucking excellent in NIN’s version of The Downward Spiral. Listen to this one, and you can feel yourself sink into the fucking floor-in other words, it does exactly what it is supposed to.

Yes, the lyrics are dark-but the music will lift you out of the darkness into another place. This CD is a great piece of work, and yes I do like it very much. I would recommend buying it to anyone who likes NIN, KMFDM, Stone Sour, or Tool. I can’t wait to catch just plain Klayton from New York live-and take some pretty shots of him for myself.

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