Centinex: Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos

Centinex is: Johan Jansson on vocals, Martin Schulman playing bass, Jonas Kjellgren and Johan Ahlberg playing guitars, and Ronnie Bergerstahl playing drums. The band was formed in 1990 and has since released 8 albums, 5 Eps, and 3 demos. For complete band history, discography, and more information visit the band’s web site at www.centinex.org. Let me say before we begin that I’ve never heard any of this band’s material.

1. Arrival of the Spectrum Obscure: A fast paced song with heavy drums and quick guitar riffs. The sound is pretty good and even though I’m not a big fan of growling I might just like this vocalist. Time will tell. He is a mix between a slight growl and almost a screech. My only beef with this singing style is difficulty to understand lyrics.

2. Misanthropic Darkzone: The tempo of this song slows down quite a bit from the previous song. There’s a bit more melody through out this track and the lyrics are still non-understandable. I’m pretty sure it will be this way the entire album. I don’t like the growling so much in this song, but the beats and melody make it worth the listen.

3. Hollowsphere: Another quick paced track. This song displays some very badass drumming skill. The drummer is constantly changing from fast to faster. He has great accuracy and good stamina apparently. The vocalist is turning out to be a hit or miss guy for me so far. I like the vocals in this song and they blend well with the rest of the theme. The guitars are killer, lots of great melody and mini-solos.

4. Target: Dimension XII: The drummer impresses me on each track thus far. I like the style in which he plays. Lots of fast machine gun sounding sets. The guitars also carry much melody in each track, including this one. There’s a good guitar solo midway into this song. Very fast song for the most part. This shit gets me pumped. The vocals are decent, not too bad not too good.

5. Deathstar Unmasked: This song kicks ass. The melody is there, the pace change from fast thrash style to a slower steady beat is right on, and the vocals work well with the style. Half way into the song the beat comes down and an acoustic sound begins. Eventually the guitars become heavier as they work their way back into a thrash beat. So far this is my favorite track off of the album.

6. A Dynasty Of Obedience: This song is very different than the other tracks. It sounds like a score from Star Wars or some epic movie in which an Army is marching or when battle is abound. It’s easily the shortest cut off the album weighing in at 2:02, 2 minutes shorter than the next shortest track. There are no lyrics, just instrumentals.

7. Mechanical Future: Back to the thrash style and melodic tunes. More good thrash metal, more great drumming, more badass guitar solos, and they all create a great blend to form a solid song. The vocals are pretty good as they flow well with the song. Another song worth listening to.

8. Cold Deep Supremacy: This track begins on a heavy guitar riff repeating and then machine gun style drumming begins. The tempo changes up to a stomp beat and then even slower into a steady intermission. Shortly after it goes back to mind blazing speeds. The guitars are, yet again, amazing, as are the drums. The vocalist also does well. The growling works pretty well with their style of play. The many tempo changes through out this song keep it fresh and worth listening to.

9. New World Odyssey: For a few seconds at the beginning of this track you think it might actually be a mellow song. Nope. The song kicks into ball busting mode and the tempo fires up to a blazing pace. Once again, I love the drumming style. The guitars also kick much ass and the vocals work still. Almost half way into the song it breaks into a melodic intermission as the guitar takes charge and the drums follow. The tempo speeds back up and after a few lyrics the intermission continues at blazing speeds. Still holding its melodic value, the song continues for a minute until the beat stops for a split second and makes its way back to thrash style sound. The song finally ends on a guitar solo backed by a relatively slow drum set.

This CD is great. There was only one song I didn’t like too much and even still I didn’t hate it. The thrash metal and growling work out well for this band and the mix of melodic tunes makes it that much better. I love some good metal and thrash beats, but I must have melody, and Centinex delivers. The first few songs I was up in the air about the growling of vocals, as I don’t really enjoy that kind of thing much anymore, but after hearing the rest of the album I was sold on it for this band. They made it work. I would most definitely suggest giving this band a listen and I myself will continue to listen to their music and keep tabs on their progress as a band. On a scale on 1-10 I give this CD an 8.

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