Cheap Trick Does Evansville


Cheap Trick: Mr. Sexy Suit-Robin Zander. Big Bad Bass-Tom Peterson. The Only and Only Guitar Player-Rick Nielsen. The Rock Drummer-Bun E. Carlos.
Formed: 1973, Rockford, IL.

‘I prefer to listen to Cheap Trick.’ -Homer Simpson.

Why? Why is Cheap Trick such an amazing cultural icon? Fucking HOMER SIMPSON prefers Cheap Trick and refers to Cheap Trick as the moment rock and roll attained perfection in 1974. Why doesn’t Homer listen to Aerosmith? What makes Cheap Trick number one? -They were called Fuse AND The Sick Man of Europe. They formed as Fuse in the late sixties in Rockford, IL-released one record on Epic that didn’t go anywhere and moved to Philadelphia, changed the name to the sick thing, toured-moved back to Rockford, picked up Robin and Bun E. and changed their name to Cheap Trick. That is a lot of fucking history isn’t it? -But the beat goes on. Homer is a fuck up. Cheap Trick released their first album in 1976 on Epic. D’oh! It got big in Japan and did not hit the charts here, but all it takes is a following to believe in a band. Cheap Trick shows in Japan sold out in under two hours, and we had them first and blew our chance. -I think rock music hit a certain fucking level of excellence with Heaven’s Tonight in 1978 with songs like ‘Surrender,’ and ‘I Want You To Want Me.’ I like sleaze in rock music. It makes things sexy. -Peterson left in mid 1980, because he was ‘All Shook Up,’ and he rejoined the band in 1988 for Lap of Luxury. Lap of Luxury gave us songs like ‘The Flame,’ and a version of Elvis’ ‘Don’t Be Cruel.’ -And the beat goes on. Over the years, they have had the fucking label drama like every other great band. -I liked Music For Hangovers myself. -But that great drama led to Cheap Trick creating it’s own label and releasing it’s own shit. That is the Cheap Trick we saw in Evansville-independent and obligated to no one. Zander’s voice sounds as good as it did as the first time I heard ‘I Want You To Want Me.’ He looked like an angel in his white suit in Evansville. I would have LOVED to get a good shot of Zander opening for Aerosmith in Evansville, but Cheap Trick didn’t use the cat walk and I had to try to take pictures from the floor at two hundred feet away over the heads of fifteen hundred people. So the shots you are seeing are from somebody named Sparbanie taken in Virginia somewhere. -But you know ‘Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere…so back to Evansville. Cheap Trick still puts on a hell of a show. Peterson looks and sounds as good on bass as he ever did. He definitely has more fucking personality than John McVie on stage and that personality over the years has helped create the mystique of of Cheap Trick. -Rick Nielsen sounded fucking great and classic and guitar, but when was the last time you saw Nielsen on Guitar Player? Or Rolling Stone? Some things aren’t fair. -Bun E. Carlos is a classic rock drummer. Think Ringo. Think Buddy Rich. Bun E. is one of the greats. -Would I recommend a Cheap Trick concert? Hell yes I would. Cheap Trick deserves all of the attention, love, and respect we can give them. Cheap Trick is one of the greatest rock and roll band this country has ever produced. I am all about the fucking great ones.


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