Cornerstone – Whatever

By Rikki O.


Anja Schirmer –
Vocals, Guitars

Michael Wachelhofer –
Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Stefan Wachelhofer –
Guitars, Vocals

Hannah Wachter –
Drums, Percussion


Cornerstone is an Austrian four piece band ready to seep into world consciousness with the re-release of their 2007 CD Whatever on April 15, 2008. Anja Schirmer replaced original vocalist Alexandra Bundschar recently in preparation for a North American tour later this summer.


Whatever instantly sucks you into an inversed reality stuffed with innocent indie ponderings. Gentle drumming rhythms lull you and synchronize to each beat of your slowing heart. There are no songs on this cd that suggest that Cornerstone are fighters; every track sounds like the last exhale before turning around and going home for the night. They do not attempt to solve the great mysteries; rather they sound perfectly content to whisper them out loud in the hopes that someone might hear.


The album benefits from the haunting background vocals of Michael Wachelhofer, who echoes like an ominous twinge deep in your belly that you know better than to ignore. The dreamy vocals infuse so much vulnerability into these conundrums though that you can’t help but to relate on the deepest level. It’s the sensation of being stripped of all your defenses and left to stand naked in front of everyone who has ever hurt you.


‘Regret’ and ‘Leave’ are both soothing musings on the mysteries that exist between lovers, how easily they can slip through your fingers as you grasp for understanding. ‘Something in the Way’ and ‘I Can’t Even Say No’ examines the pain of watching helpless as they disintegrate into a ghost right before your eyes. ‘Ready to Go’ assays just how to walk firmly away from consumptive connections that rip you apart but leave you unsure quite how to go on breathing without them. These are not light hearted topics, but Cornerstone takes them on like they are quite naturally the only themes worthy of consideration.


I feel the need to protect this sweet halcyon band from their soon to be immersion in the American way of life. Regardless, I will definitely be checking them out live if they come anywhere near the Atlanta area.  One question keeps pulling at me though- Why did Alexandra leave the band/get replaced by Anja this late in the game?


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