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Crane, Beerfest and Music Review –

Barbara Fara
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Named after their lead singer, Georgia-based Crane includes band members: Anthony Crane (singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica), Matt Powell (drums/percussion), Davis Sandling (bass/vocals) and Sammy Bonet (guitars).

Anthony Crane was formerly with Athens band, Blue Hiram. So what. Why is that important? History is everything, and a band baked in blues has to have some sort of history. Anthony is a blues baked singer/songwriter born and bred from that red Georgia clay. He has a smokey, whiskey-soaked voice that will reach down the back of your throat and grab your fucking spine. He has an onstage presence that will make you believe he should have been in Midnight Of the Garden of Good and Evil. All by himself-Anthony Crane is a good time, but then you add Davis Sandling into the mix. Sandling has this jazz, rock fusion that he lays into the sound which makes it more than just the blues. -Add to this mixture the OUTRAGEOUSLY talented Sammy Bonet. I love a guitarist that makes his instrument sing, and Bonet seems to be a metal guitar player in his heart. You can feel the Malmsteen in him, along with a little John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson. What a fucked up, excellent blend that is. It kicked some ass-and that wasn’t just the free beer talking. -Then we have Mr. Drummerman, Matt Powell. Laid back and intense all at the same time-his style has a little Buddy Rich, Terry Bozzio, and Mike Terrana in it. I love Atlanta drummers, and it takes the very clever Mr. Powell to pull Crane’s sound together and make it work.

Heat may’ve kept most Atlantans away from Beerfest this year, but the next chance you get, go see Crane. All three bands were wonderful (Crane, TLIMS, and Gurufish.) And, Crane got the crowd to stay on their feet after the Pink Pony Girls and The Cheetah Girls had their strip down (you had to be there to see it). That takes some fucking talent right there, of course free beer always helps!

Lets take a quick look at the FREE SAMPLER the band gave away to go with the FREE BEER

Lets take a quick look at the FREE SAMPLER the band gave away to go with the FREE BEER

Be The Man

When you hear Anthony sing, honestly, he does not sound like Robert Johnson, but he has his soulful sound. He’s a true Atlantan. Nobody can beat Crane’s guitar riffs.

Anthony’s voice steals the song. It’s about a man who would do anything for this woman, even sell his soul to get her back. She tells him no, but he won’t give up. This is a great song for a troubled relationship. The woman probably wouldn’t understand and would still break his heart.

Don’t forget any of these tracks, Crane, when you release your full-length CD. This should be first. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Use Me (Cover)

This is a cover of Bill Withers’ track of the same name from his 1972 release, Still Bill. Again, Anthony’s soulful sound is incomparable. The song sounds exactly the way Bill Withers recorded it, but Crane added that extra punch. They made it more bluesy, earth-shattering. This band rocks and they had the crowd really up on their feet going that day. We could not get enough of Crane that day. They should be on a major label by now.

Young Man

I love the part in the second verse where they use the megaphone. It’s very effective. It’s about another lover being used, dropped, and wanting to be loved. But, again, no matter what he does, the woman won’t listen. So, he goes to her window in the middle of the night, pouring his heart out through a megaphone. She tells him to fuck off and go away.

Cryin In The Rain

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a cover or not, but it’s a beautiful piece. They’re natural story tellers. It’s about a relationship in which the woman is broken-hearted and no matter what she does, she can’t get the man back. She sees her friends who all have good love in their lives, but she keeps picking the lemons.

Wake up and smell the coffee, lady, and stop calling him. A broken heart is easy to heal. The next person you meet, don’t give it away so quickly. Get to know him first.

Throw away your walk-all-over me” shoes, and go to Parisian in Atlanta and ask for some new steel-tipped, ball-kicking boots! We know someone who can get you a good deal. That man needs a good ass-kicking.

Amy’s Song

Crane’s music would be wonderful licensed out for television, movies, and commercials.

Every rock ‘n roll/blues writer has some to have some misery to it. Basically, this one is I’ve let you go and now you’re gone, and now he’s miserable. It’s very traditional. They’re not trying to reinvent the new, but revisiting the old.

It’s like Muddy Waters meets John Lee Hooker.

Bonita Applebum (Cover)

This CD shows the musical diversity of the band. This is the funkalicious track. You gotta have one on every sampler. We expect great things out of CRANE. It truly is those delta blues getting DEEP CONTRIFIED. You want to go see them, every chance you get.


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