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Travis Webber – Vocals guitar

Steve Anderson – Guitar vocals

Ryan Weber – Drums

Steve Matthews – Bass and Vocals


I had the cutest interview with Travis recently and first have to say that he is a very multi talented young man. I loved that when I read the liner notes that the band has a great fashion sense and sends love to all of the designers in the liner notes. I think that they are as sweet and adorable as a young start up band can be. They seem very honest, don’t play games and know what they want as well as what it will take for them to reach the stars and they are working on it. We are now looking at their first album, Gave Me the Clap. Travis never answered me on exactly who gave them the clap… you have to read the interview to find out what he said. 


Let’s take a look at the tracks. Even though this is their first album, it’s well put together, cleanly master and properly engineered. For a freshman album it ranks up their with the Greenday /Offspring debuts. Here we go.


  1. About To Break – The character in the song is in a band, the hardest job in the world and it’s getting to him big time. No one has time to listen to his problems because they see him as fortunate and lucky. But what the band needs is their hometown friends to love them and accept them as they are. Musicians are like everyone else; they get lonely, homesick and their friends need to be there for them.


  1. Popular – They are talented, they are excited about their career and about being on the road. This is what I take from it: before they got signed, they probably played every club on the east coast – one day you are a hit, and one day you are not. But they know they are good and can go places. Accept the band for who they are and how they are; otherwise you are being a phony to their faces. They want and deserve honesty.


  1. Gave Me the Clap – I don’t care what anybody tells me, this song is about syphilis or gonorrhea; but if you read the interview with Travis, they say it doesn’t mean that, exactly… We know it’s about someone the band knew as they were first writing the album; this person decided to give their opinion. I see this person trying to destroy this band to climb the groupy ladder so she can give her clap to someone else. In other words, the band is tired of this person using them and trying to tear them apart. My question is, the person trying to give them the clap, is it a hand clap or an STD? Regardless, they are a money hungry groupie asshole.


  1. Lady Luck – When I first heard Lady Luck, I thought it was gonna be about, you know, Vegas and playing 21 – but as we can see it is not. This band must have had some wild experiences thus far on the road since they don’t seem to remember who they are sleeping with and waking up with and here they are – ready to give lady luck a spin. The message I think the band is giving us is that no matter who you are around, you can’t treat someone like an easy lay and instead treat them with respect. They must have seen this on the road or maybe they are talking about themselves. But this is the truth about groupies; when you are a new band on the road, the groupies want you. It’s that legion of groupies that go to every concert to try to lay every artist going. All bands have groupies and they see this and they just don’t want to see people used anymore.


  1. Victim Liar – This has to be based on one of the band members actual relationships. His partner finally comes clean to him about her past and what she’s been up to. It’s very plain and simple, he tried to live in denial for a long time and he made himself out to be the liar and her to be the victim. But he understands that he doesn’t need a liar for a girl, he needs someone to respect him as a person and a musician with a heart, and nobody should be hurt like that.


  1. One Night Only – Now I’m gonna get nasty. I love the band. But you know, these guys really must love one night stands. These kids can’t be over 25, and they are drinking, meeting groupies that want to become the next wife of a band member. Message to the ladies: bands are good to hang out with and fun to see. But this is a warning; you are not a one night stand, because when you wake up in the morning they will not remember you or your name. Ladies, we have a bunch of whoremasters here, not just Crash Romeo, but every band on the market, local or national. It’s not all sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Bands go through this phase in their lives, they all do. I don’t care if they are a female band or a male band. If you go home with them, and you are all getting wasted, you really think they are going to remember your name? Of course not the idea is to become a friend of the band and not become a one night lay. Get the message girls?


  1. Maybe Lane – This song should have been the first release off of the album. It is honest, plays no games and tells no lies. This young man is ready to go on tour and his young lady is pissed and he gives her the chance to explain her feelings. He tells her honestly that this is his livelihood so he has to do it. But he promises will call her every night, just to hear her voice and maybe next time he can bring her along if she will just stick around and love him.


  1. Give Me Something – This is the greatest make up song for anybody going through issues; he explains all the trials and tribulations that he’s been through, and no matter how far away he is, she is his inspiration and support system and she fills his heart with love. When they talk about dying tonight, he means it emotionally – this is not just a good make up song, but also a good engagement song – any guy looking for the right song to express his feelings when he proposes, check out this song, because every woman with a heart will understand.


  1. Honest Eyes – This proves, girls, that just because you meet and hang out with a musician doesn’t mean you have to sleep with him. You can indeed have an honest conversation with him, even if it takes all night. And that is a nice thing; it’s proving that this person is a great fucking kid.  You warmed his heart so that he didn’t want to take advantage of you and instead respected you for the person you are and how you are and shows you how much he enjoys sharing your life stories together. This was a great relationship with no sex and it probably lasted longer than any one night stand.


  1. Set It Off – This is a powerful song about a young band starting out wondering if they will ever leave their hometown and whether their fans will follow them. They have finally built the confidence to go on the road because of the help of their loved ones. In the respect of Dimebag Darryl Abbott, wanting to have someone blowing your head off is just damn wrong; the band may be too young to remember Pantara, but they must remember Damageplan and what happened that terrible night. To me, this is like an invitation to come onstage and blow his fucking head off, what message exactly is he trying to send?! Does he want to go down like Dime while his brother Vinnie watched helplessly? Words are powerful and I would not have released this song in this way. I would not have ever recorded it; so boys, its not that I don’t like the song, but you gave every loose cannon out there license to come after you or any other band. Be careful of what you wish for boys – words are power. Things happen in threes, its’ called karma, what you spit down will come back on you three fold. And please know, this is not a threat in any way, it’s just pure honesty. It could be anybody. Just be careful. The song is not a bad song, and actually could bring a light to the music business, but if I was a musician, in my honest opinion, I really would have waited to release this song. We lose too many musicians to violence. Do me a favor boys, Travis, I love ya, and I love the band. But do me a favor and look up Dimebag and the way he died. I don’t want to ever see another band have to go down like that. Sorry.


       11. Better Off In Jersey – Nobody makes an alcoholic but the alcoholic himself. I can understand you see that look in the face on someone you love bdoing a jersey intervention, but this just wont work. If you are smart, I would start paying the rent so you don’t lose the apartment, and then you have to let that person hit rock bottom and hit it hard. They have to learn from their own mistakes. You are not the reason that this person is using. It’s their choice and they will not see the picture until they open their eyes and see it themselves. I love that you care and are trying to help them; you can support them and love them but one thing you cannot do is enable them. To me you are trying to make them see that they will end up dead but know that it goes in one ear and out the other. And people do die from drinking and drugs every day. The best thing you can do is be there for them and when they are ready and they hit rock bottom then you can offer to get them help.



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