Damone: From The Attic


Damone: From The Attic
Label: RCA

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Damone is: Noelle LeBlanc (vocals and guitars). Vazquez (vocals and bass).
Dustin Hengst (drums). Dave Pino (guitar, vocals, lyrics.)

From: Waltham, MA
Damone takes it name from a character in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
Songwriter Dave Pino wrote all of these heartbreaking tunes trying to
get an ex back. Needless to say, it didn’t work. –But that
busted romance has found a home where it can live forever on Damone’s
cd debut, From The Attic. -They found a perfect vocalist in Noelle LeBlanc,
a Waltham High School senior. Yes, Noelle has a distinctive voice. She
sounds like a teenage girl with a skateboard who cuts history class. The
amazing thing about her is that she is a teenage girl with a kick ass
voice. When you listen to Noelle, think Go-Go’s. Think Avril Lavigne.
Think about the Breeders. Think L7. Think Pink. Her voice is the promise
of all of these and more. The material she sings about may be about the
one thing that she is-being a teenager. The voice has pop rock powerhouse
written all over it. Strong female singers who are not rap artists or
major league diva tramps are in short supply. A strong female singer of
Noelle’s caliber is desperately needed. Should every girl have to
look up to a Steven Tyler or a Jonathan Davis? -The mighty Vasquez on
bass and vocals is pretty damn punk poppy. Listen to Vazquez and think
about The Buzzcocks. Think about the Snowdogs. Think about how much that
bass sounds like a lead guitar at times. Drummer Dustin Hengst feels Vasquez’s
vocals compare to a male Janis Joplin. I can’t wait to see what
he does next. –Dustin Hengst on drums changes the feel of every
Damone song. He complements the guitar riffs and the changes in Noelle’s
voice completely. He alternates between jazz, blues, rock, and pop.

Dustin, I am going to compare you to Marky Ramone.
Damone’s sound? It is punk, plain and simple. The tunes are quick
and strong with one twist, they are happy and feature guitar solos that
would make the biggest metal head proud. If you like Sum 41, Weezer, and
Dinosaur Jr., you will love Damone. Let’s look at the tracks:

Track Listing:
1. Frustrated Unnoticed: This one brings back high school to me. There
was always that one guy that EVERYBODY thought was fucking hot. No matter
how much you wanted to go out with this guy, he never knew you existed.
Think about it, you could have thrown yourself naked into the boys locker
room, and he would have gone on about his business.

2. Your Girlfriends: What happens when that fucking guy notices you? Or
at least the eighty thousand women around him do. You become the pathetic
one, the outsider, the outcast. All of these women treat you badly because
you are OUT OF THE LOOP. Then, they find your job. They complain to your
manager about how much you suck.

3. Up To You: How do you get a lover to come back when you want them?
You cry, you beg, you offer options without being to threatening. Tell
them to meet you at your spot-you know the one where you used to make
out and fuck like bunnies at. If that person would just hear you out,
he or she would come back to you.

4. Feel Bad Vibe: Guess what? That lover fails to show up, and you go
home hanging your head. What do you see out of the corner of your eye?
There that nasty ex lover is with the latest fuck in the fancy car you
helped him pick out last year.

5. Overchay With Me: Everybody wants to be understood. Everyone wants
the person that they love to smile and to love them back. A little time,
love, and tenderness hey? –If you don’t get it, you dream
about it. You long for it. You fantasize about it.

6. On My Mind: A love song. Who would have thought? If I can’t have
you, I can certainly dream about you. In my dreams, our life together
is perfect. You love me, and I love you. There is no question about who
is going to be in my bed in my dreams. In my dreams, you and I will live

7. Carwash Romance: Wouldn’t it be great if he came into your job,
that dream boy. You could ask him out. Maybe you could ride bikes in the
park or go out to the movies. He is so fucking good looking with his shaggy
blond hair flowing in the wind and his big white teeth. –Maybe you
can do more than wash his daddy’s car.

8. Driveway Blues: Longing. Can’t you feel the longing. Can’t
you feel that constant craving. It is worse than craving a pile of chocolate,
or another beer after last call. It is a constant craving for something
that you just can’t have-that lover who walked the fuck out the

9. At The Mall: What do you do when your loved one goes out-and they aren’t
going out with you? You want them, badly. There they go, without you.
It looks like they are fine and having a great time. You are at home,
with your head under the covers, sweating for your dreams to come true.
–It is best not to think about what is going on.

10. You And I: I was wrong about you. You pretended like you gave a shit.
You pretended that you liked my cat and the way that I dressed. You smiled
at my mother. –You told your friends about EVERYTHING we did in
private. You yelled at me for crying at that movie you hated.
You forgot my birthday. You fucking bastard. I was so wrong about you
11. Leave Me Alone: Come here-go away. That’s what happens to most
people when a tragedy happens. You say you want to be left alone, but
you really don’t want to be left alone. You want somebody to talk
to you and to listen to you scream.

Why should you like Damone, want to buy their cd, and see them live? Of
course, I want to say because I said so. Anything that’s put out
that’s geared toward kids that isn’t rap or Britney like is
exciting all by itself. It is even better is it is really fucking good.
You can hear the Beatles in them if you are a little older. If you are
a young punk, they are fresh and you have not really heard anything like
them before. Maybe it is a cd geared for a younger crowd, but aren’t
we all kids at heart? Try something new every now and again. Pick up a
Damone cd and give it a try. They are a old school new band.

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