Deicide: Scars of The Crucifix


Deicide: Glen Benton-Vocals, Bass. Eric Hoffman-Guitar. Brian Hoffman-Guitar.
Steve Asheim-Drums.

Barbara Fara

Go pick it up. Now. The Hoffman brothers and Benton and Asheim have split. Who knows what they hell they are going to do. Satanists rarely change their minds once they have made them up and Benton and the Hoffman’s are pissed. This may be the last thing you can hear the whole band on. -I love Jack Owen as a guitar player, but he has a totally different style of playing than the magnificent Eric Hoffman. Eric is a beautiful beast of a man. Jack is a little more like Brian. I was able to catch Jack with Cannibal Corpse once and he kicked ass, but people are going to bitch up a blue streak because he isn’t a Hoffman and as far as I can tell there are no plans to keep him as a part of Deicide permanently anyway. Benton’s plans are to combine Vital Remains with Deicide, but where the hell does this leave the insanely loyal Steve Asheim? No matter how it shakes out, somebody is going to be without a fucking job. I HOPE this doesn’t leave us without a Deicide. -Over the years, Deicide has been the most overtly Satanic band. They have lived what they preached and haven’t been just characters on stage. I am not a Satanist, but I sure as fuck believe in honesty. -Slayer masks it for commercial success. A shit load of bands use inverted pentagrams-but Deicide has always had the balls to say who and what they were and what they believed. They have never been characters on a stage. -When Deicide graced my Masquerade in Atlanta, Benton showed up in a beautiful leather vest so did Eric Hoffman. Asheim and Brian had their shirts off-they looked great. True to Deicide form. I checked out some overseas pics and caught Benton with a Deicide t-shirt on. What happened to the slick beautiful Satanist with the fucking RABID cult following in Atlanta? Put on your leather Glen. Your music is honest. Your voice is magnificent-it could scare Freddy Krueger. I loved the huge fucking bass on the CD. You yourself are a classic. There is only one Glen Benton. -The Hoffman’s trade off flawlessly between rhythm and lead on Scars of The Crucifix. Truly, it is some of the best fucking guitar playing going. Turn off the bass and listen to them. This is some complicated shit, and I would LOVE to see death metal/black metal guitar players put together something like G3. G3 is about the guitar heroes, maybe the death/black metal guys could be ‘The Executioners Swing The Axe.’ The Hoffman’s play some goddamn fine guitar. -Steve Asheim is fucking outrageous on the CD. He has this fucked up Terry Bozzio/Buddy Rich thing that works for me on the CD, but I have never seen him get the shit load of recognition that he deserves. Shouldn’t he be on the fucking cover of some drumming rag somewhere? -The cover art is beautiful and fucking well thought out. You even get a mini-poster on the inside of the liner. The Christ with the crown of thorns in the death shroud is PROBABLY the most dramatic cover on ANY Deicide CD, and if you get the CD, somebody who doesn’t know Deicide will probably think you are a good Christian-which makes it funny too. -Go get it you rebel mother fucker. It is excellent. Let’s look at the tracks:

Scars Of The Crucifix -Okay, this one raises a good fucking question. If God is a God of love and peace, and he makes ALL the rules in the universe, why wouldn’t he just forgive everybody? Who would he make his only son choke on his own blood and die on a cross? C’mon. Think about it.

Mad At God -God lets people suffer for his own enjoyment-kills his own kid violently-and we are supposed to worship him for giving us this great gift and letting us suffer too. Get the Point? Deicide is MAD AT GOD and despises the fucking cross-not because it is a Christian symbol, but because it is a symbol of needless suffering that people cling to like mindless cattle.

Conquered By Sodom -Listen to this one. It fucking condemns the rampant child molestation in the Catholic church. Shit, I condemn the priests who have preyed on trusting kids over the years. How many lives have THEY fucked up? Maybe you need to think about WHAT is truly evil.

Fuck Your God -This one is all about freedom. Nobody likes to be given orders and told how to live, but the fucking churches of the world tell us how we are fuck ups all of the time- so I agree with Deicide on this one. Fuck YOUR God that makes you live in fear and tells you what to do.

Enchanted Nightmare -I love this one. I would love to torture people like this, and it sounds more like a demonic incantation than anything. Play it a couple of times and read the fucking lyrics.

When Heaven Burns -Did you ever wonder what draws people to Satanism? It is the hypocrisy of the church. If the truth and freedom is your God, I could see you getting a great fantasy about killing God and burning heaven if you think God is going to kill and burn YOU.

From Darkness Come -This song is pissed of at Jesus for being weak enough to crawl up on the cross. Deicide wants to kill him again, because Deicide means GODKILLER, specifically the Christ.

Go Now Your Lord Is Dead -This one calls for the end of the Judeo/Christian based religion. The bible is a big story book written by medieval politicians to control your ass. Satanists are generally about freedom and self-improvement. Come to think of it, the new age movement borrows an awful lot from Satanism…hmmm.

The Pentecostal -They tag Pentecostals to a tee on this one. It was a Pentecostal, Ruth Carter Stapleton, that set Larry Flynt up to be shot. If she wasn’t trying to fucking save him, he wouldn’t have been distracted enough to get shot in the first place. I wonder what tongues she talked to him in?


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