Deicide? What About Deicide?


Deicide: Glen Benton-Bass, Vocals. Eric Hoffman-Guitars. Brian Hoffman-Guitars. Steve Asheim-Drums.

What about Deicide? -The band formed in 1987 in Tampa, Florida. -They were originally called Amon but switched to the name Deicide in 1990. -The name Deicide means ‘The Killing of God.’ -During a concert in Stockholm Sweden in 1992 a bomb exploded on stage. No one was hurt. -Glen Benton said that he would commit suicide when he was thirty-three. Jesus died when he was thirty-three, so the this was pretty fucking funny to me. For Glen Benton, this would have been in 1997. A good Satanist survives and would never kill themselves because a good Satanist loves themselves far too fucking much to commit suicide. It amazes me anybody fell for it in the first place. -In 1990, Glen Benton was a back up vocalist on Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Eaten Back To Life.’ -Benton’s first son is named Daemon. -Deicide openly engages religion in discussions of good vesus evil and wins. -Deicide is Satanic black metal music. So what. It doesn’t make them any less brilliant or exciting. In fact, it makes them even better. Deicide has a sound that is volatile and makes you think about everything. It is more than angry and aggressive, which makes Deicide more than your average band. -Eric Hoffman is the big, blond, sexy motherfucker on guitar. This guy just radiates power on stage. He is absolutely hypnotic and reminds me of all of the great ones-Randy Rhoades, Zakk Wylde-this guy deserves to be in that league. -Brian Hoffman is the guy with all the tattoos on guitar. This guy is electric. He doesn’t have Eric’s powers, but has an understated brilliance on guitar that deseves a second look. -Steve Asheim on drums blows me away-literally. This guy and his drum kit were sitting at the top of the Masquerade. I loved his double bass drum style and I was amazed that the whole kit didn’t come tumbling down. Steve Asheim was absolutely fearless. -Glen Benton is an interesting character. He has a powerful vocal style that can be called a melodic death growl. I fucking love the growls where the vocalist sounds like he is actually singing. Benton’s bass seems like it is undertone’s for the growl. If Deicide could be considered to have a second singer, it would be Glen Benton’s bass. Better than that, Benton is an amazing front man. He took time out to explain that sex was his new substitute for whiskey and the crowd loved him for it, by the way-he hasn’t found Jesus yet. -Speaking of Jesus, not so literally…why is it okay for decidedly Christian bands to proclaim their love for Jesus and the Satanic bands are ground into the fucking ground for their religious beliefs? -We have freedom of religion in this country and music is a natural fucking progression of the artist’s experience. Nobody talks about how much As I Lay Dying or Haste The Day loves Jesus, but everybody screams about bands like Deicide and Slayer. By the way, Deicide is of the same motherfucking caliber that Slayer is and I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Slayer just caught a different set of breaks than Deicide did. Do you think we will ever see Deicide at an Ozzfest? Just a question.
Decide puts on an amazing set. It was almost like a retrospective of their career as a band. We head a song from the beginning of their career as a band called ‘Sacrificial Suicide.’ This song is off of Deicide’s Road Runner debut in 1990. -The set held classics like ‘In Hell I Burn,’ ‘Slave To The Cross,’ ‘Bastard of Christ,’ and ‘Refusal Of Penance.’ We also heard some songs off of the new Earache release called Scars Of The Crucifix. -Great tracks from that included ‘Scars of The Crucifix,’ and ‘When Heaven Burns.’ -Religious beliefs aside-Deicide is a band for people who think. I like to call it black metal for grown-ups. It was an honor to cover this band at the Masquerade and I will see them again. My advice? Go fucking see them if you get a chance. They are fucking amazing.


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