Delays At The 99X Upstart Fest


elays are: Greg Gilbert-Guitars, Vocals. Aaron Gilbert-Keyboards. Colin Fox-Bass. Rowly-Drums.

A boy band-much like In Sync or Hanson when they were eight-that is largely forgettable. Twelve year olds will love them. Don’t get me wrong, they are incredibly nice guys. Aaron Gilbert on keyboards is definitely the edge on the knife and the one bright spot on what promises to be a very dull horizon for the band. The States will probably love them fiercely, but damn. If you were there, can you honestly remember one thing that they sang? Greg Gilbert sounds like a girl, especially on Hey Girl. It took me three songs to realize he didn’t have a chest. Maybe Greg is in the middle of something-who knows. -Who really thought that The Partridge Family were a bunch of good musicians-that is who the Delays will appeal to. There was none of the quiet intensity of the Killers. There was none of the showmanship of the Scissor Sisters. There was none of the energy of The Futureheads. There was none of the we are just going to ‘goddamn do it’ energy of the Whigs. There was just that soft late seventies Leif Garrett shit that will appeal to small children and puppies. -Even Leif has changed his musical style these days. Audiences want more. Any little band in Atlanta could have sold themselves better at the Upstart Fest. Any one. There is a problem when a keyboard player is the only one with stage presence in a band. -Sure, play your instrument. That’s a given. That’s only half of the battle. You have to sell it. Even NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK made up some catchy hooks to make people remember. -The crowd didn’t respond to this band, but they loved Aaron Gilbert. -So, no. No no no. They aren’t worth the price of a ticket yet. Maybe they can get a guest spot on The New Partridge Family.


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