Dexter Freebish, Tripped Into Divine


Dexter Freebish, Tripped Into Divine, Sixthman Records

Dexter Freebish band members are: Rob Kyle (lead vocals), Chris Lowe (bass, guitar, vocals), Scott Romig (guitar, vocals), and Rob Schilz (drums, vocals).

The Austin-based band was signed to Capitol Records in 1999. That same year, their single Leaving Town was chosen among 27,000 entries as the sole winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Song of the Year, which was also featured on an episode of MTV’s Daria and received much radio play. You would recognize it if you heard it. In September 2000, Dexter Freebish issued their debut album, A Life of Saturdays.

The band broke it off with Capitol Records, citing management changes that would affect the band’s visibility. In 2004, their new label, Sixthman released Tripped Into Divine.

In addition to radio play, Dexter Freebish’s songs have appeared on EA Games’ Superman Returns (Save Me), Tiger Woods 2004 (Ghosts); on Maxis Entertainment’s Sims 2 (Pretty People – Simlish version).

They gave me a Flash-heavy DVD, complete with video footage of Making The CD, With The US Troops, and a link to the website.

Music-wise, it’s an enjoyable CD, lively palatable music set to visually driven lyrics that you can see. The music is great, and the lyrics are tangible and paint a picture. I’ve provided a tasting of their CD, as you might like some surprises when you go out and get your own.

Prozak (Be Like Me), Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, and Scott Romig

An upbeat song about being a lonely, depressed loser who wishes to be the hero in the world. As Dexter Freebish puts it, “I wanna be the guy who gets the girl and saves the world.”

Pretty People, Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, and Scott Romig Tongue-in cheek reference to pretty people who have it all and get it all in life.

Ghosts (Voices In My Head), Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, Scott Romig, and Rob Schilz I played Sims 2 so much and have the Sims version of this song stuck so far in my head that it’s become part of my DNA, I think. But what does that have to do with this song? It was on the Tiger Woods game. Ok, tangentially it’s related, I think.

How Do I Get Through To You, Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, and Scott Romig

Another song vicariously experienced through the lyrics. I love you, how do I get you? You keep pushing me back. 

Save Me, Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, and Scott Romig

I think this one is for the troops and believe it accompanied the video of the band performing for the troops. Maybe that’s why I made that short, albeit possible erroneous, leap of logic.

Twilight, Written by Kyle, Chris Lowe, and Scott Romig

The lyrics grab you and hold you intensely, eliciting a fully visceral experience for the listener that invokes all the senses. It’s all about the guy who shares his perspective on his girl – she’s heavenly.


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