Dimentianon At The Masquerade


Label: Paragon Records
Dimentianon: M (vocals), Greg (guitar), Jim Morz (guitar / keyboards), Joe (bass), Marc Weisbaum (drums).
These guys were interesting. They were supposed to kick off the Mortician show but their van blew up on the way to the Masquerade. In the typical never say die fashion of fucking New York, they made it to The Masquerade after Vehemence stretched their set to go on just before Akercocke. That’s pretty fucking amazing-nobody said WHERE the van blew up-Nate from Vehemence made some references about how hard it is to drop an engine in a van during his bands set, but you know me-I like to know about shit that blows up as long as it isn’t my shit. -I went searching for Dimentianon on the net and couldn’t find a website that didn’t require me to install software. I have too many shots on my hard drive to be fucking them up with trojans and viruses-but hey go for it if you want to. Check out the site and let me know what it is like. -Another lesson band kids, establish some sort of web presence that people can get to. If you are a little guy that nobody has every heard of, people that hear or see you for the first time may want to check you out and find out more about you after the show. That’s how to get a national following. Nearly every home in the United States has some sort of fucking computer. Look at me, if MusicIncider Magazine was only a hard copy and had no web presence there would be no way that a would get press packs from Austrailia and get fan letters in German, French, and Japanese. -So back to Dimentianon, I wish I could say the name. -Another quick lesson, if you aren’t well known yet and are in a new town let us know what your fucking band name is while you are onstage or get a banner that sits in back of your head. What good was it playing if nobody knew who you were? Somebody like me won’t be at every one of your shows. -So back to Dimentianon AGAIN, this great big guy gets up on stage with long, curly black hair and a THICK Long Island accent. It was great to hear a really thick Long Island accent at the fucking Masquerade. Later I found out this guy goes by an initial, M. Just M. M has pretty fucking good vocals. His vocals ride this black metal/death metal edge that is just a little different. He growls and tosses in a melodic thing from time to time and you are going to like him. For a ten minute set-up and a two minute sound check, he held his shit together and was remarkably poised. I like those boys that operate well under pressure. Vocally, he reminded me an awful lot of Mikael Akerfeldt. -Jim Morz on guitars was most fucking excellent. I have to be honest-I wanted to know what the hell was in that big ass juice bottle he kept hitting. He has a good stage presence too. -Joe on bass kept it low and thundering. I didn’t have enough time to get into Just Joe, but if he would have fucked up we would have known about it. -Marc Weisbaum on drums is one of two guys in this band that has a first and a last name-interesting huh? I liked the stripped down thing he did. It reminded me of a punk drummer. I think we could have put this guy on stage with some empty water jugs and he would have been able to crank out some drum beats.
-But my favorite guy out of this band is the guitar player, Greg. Greg has a big tattoo of an angel on his back. Greg seemed to hold everything together with his guitar style and sold me on the music-more so than M. Guitars in an extreme metal band are important, especially in this band. Dimentianon has this stripped down style that you only really hear in punk music. Dimentianon, of course, is a death metal/black metal band. They aren’t fucking majestic like Opeth, but M’s vocals with make you think of Opeth. They aren’t Mortician, but the quick and brutal songs will make you think of Mortician. If you listen, you can also hear the influences of bands like In Flames-but not quite. -I think Dimentianon can and will evolve into something bigger and better and I plan on keeping an eye on them. They are worth showing up a little early for if they are on the bill in your town, so yes go see them. The are fucking interesting. -What the hell does Dimentianon mean anyway? Does anybody know?

Set List -in no order:

1. Song For Elizabeth When She Is Dead
2. Dead And Forgotten
3. Last Of Seven
4. Selbstmordkonig (Razorblade Catharsis)
5. Self Inflicted Abuse
6. Solace Extinction


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