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Barbara Fara
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Dimmu Borgir is: Shagrath-Vocals. Galder-Guitar. Silenoz-Guitar. Mustis-Synthesizers. ICS Vortex-Bass, Vocals.

The Dimmu Borgir show was THE most FUCKING INTENSE show I have been to at The Masquerade in a long time. Directly after Atreyu left the stage, the air conditioning was cut. It was said that the air conditioning directly harms Shagrath’s vocals. I think it was to make the place seem more like hell, and it worked-but it didn’t work in a way that pissed me off. It made us all pay attention to what was about to happen, and it was out of this world. -For those of you who don’t know what a Dimmu Borgir is; Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1992. Like ever other band-there have been line up changes. Shagrath and Silenoz are are the surviving founding members of the band. Dimmu Borgir was main stage Ozzfest 2004. Dimmu Borgir was the only main stage Ozzfest band who bothered to make a pit stop in Atlanta. Atlanta was NOT INCLUDED in the Ozzfest 2004 schedule-we were cock teased into thinking the tour was coming through by the official Ozzfest site causing MOST of the metal community in Atlanta NOT to purchase tickets for other shows in time to go. Who wouldn’t have wanted to see Black Sabbath or Judas Priest? Bear in mind, the final Ozz show in West Palm was cancelled because of Frances. It only rained in Atlanta. – The fact that they came to Atlanta at all won them major fucking points in my book before they ever fucking took the stage. Dimmu Borgir became the official Ozzfest headliner for the biggest market in the southeast-Atlanta, GA. Dimmu Borgir came to The Masquerade. Dimmu Borgir was fucking number one without taking the stage in my book. -Then IT happened. I was in fucking AWE. Where the fuck to begin? Bear in mind that a band that was main stage Ozzfest and had worked with the Prague Symphony Orchestra was onstage at my Masquerade in Atlanta. OK, close your eyes and see thunder, lightening, and fire in your mind. That is what it is like seeing Dimmu Borgir take the stage. The band is AMAZING and seizes the crowd by the throat. Shagrath is very much like a fucking opera singer. The jumping around and the hair flipping is not necessary. Rarely do you see a vocalist that can COMMAND ATTENTION with only his voice. Danzig can. Cooper can. Chris Barnes can. Ozzy can. Now I can include Shagrath in that group. I would have loved to include Rob Halford-but I didn’t get to see him live now did I? -Silenoz on guitar was amazing. Why the fuck doesn’t he get more attention from magazines like Guitar Player? I think that the musical skill of Black Metal bands are pretty mother fucking ignored. I fucking loved him. -Galder had this incredible stage presence about him. It was a bitch taking his picture, enjoying his stage show, and paying attention to his playing. ICS Vortex on bass-what a great character name! I think I could have just sat and watched him play bass for a fucking hour. He has the most original stage presence for a bass player that I have ever seen. -Mustis looked like a disembodied head on stage. His keyboards rounded out the sound in a very cool way. -I have no fucking clue who the drummer was because Nick Barker was fired, but that guy was a monster.
A Dimmu Borgir show is like this amazing opera with lights and fist pumping. Dimmu Borgir’s music is full of extremely deep, dark shit that I love. Who wouldn’t love a band that covers Satan My Master? Who wouldn’t love a band that performs songs like For The World to Dictate Our Death, and Heavenly Perverse at the Masquerade? You have to look at both sides of life. You have to know pain in order to know what joy is. You have to know the dark in order to know the light. Embrace your dark side mother fucker and learn what the light is with Dimmu Borgir. If you are ever privileged enough to be in a town that has a Dimmu Borgir show coming, don’t be an ass. Buy a ticket. Go. You won’t be sorry.


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