Discrete Encounter


Discrete Encounter – 2B1

By Rikki O.


Natasha Romanova – vocals
Taras Mashtalir – vocals, guitar
Stas Mashov – live visual projection
DJ Plexus – live sound design





Discrete Encounter’s 2B1 is a ride straight into the future of electronic music, complete with trippy visuals, sonic cross-dressing, and a categorical rebellion from the status quo. Formed by the classically trained Natasha Romanova and Taras Mashtalir, and rounded out with visual artist Stas Mashov and live sound designer DJ Plexus, Discrete Encounter replenishes a somewhat played out dance scene with a fresh hybrid sound. Intermingling rock, dance and electronic experimentation, 2B1 explores the unification of opposites from individual components that become greater when mixed together with a hot beat.


Fans of early Nine Inch Nails, Lamb, Autechre and Skinny Puppy will all find something delicious on this album, as 2B1 takes all those sounds to their logical progression into the 21st century. Based in NYC, their live shows beset their audience with heart pounding industrial beats and rock and roll poetry-licks along with a visual art interpretation, effectively dropping a sensory bomb in the middle of the space for everyone to go crazy in. Natasha’s sensual and smoldering voice softens the jagged edges; drawing you in to the experience like you are the only one in the room, or perhaps that everyone in the room combine somehow to create only you. Taras’ guitar is well controlled chaos; on occasional tracks like “Let Go”, he lends his deep, husky vocals to contrast Natasha’s beautiful, feminine sound with sexy alchemical results.


Stand out tracks include “Pleasure and Pain”, “Distant Star” and “If Only”. This CD is necessary equipment for any given Saturday night around 2am.


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