Disturbed – Indestructible


By Barb Fara

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Band members:

Dave Draiman – Vocals

Dan Donegan – Guitar

John Moyer – Bass

Mike Wengren – Drums


Before we even start this review, Disturbed will be in Atlanta on the Mayhem tour 8/12/08 opening for Slipknot. If you go to www.mayhem.com or Google it, you will get the exact tour dates you can see the date when they come to your town. Let’s start off with a little story about a little boy named Daniel. At a very young age, this young Jewish male had to break off a relationship with who he thought was the love of his life because her family was a different religion. The young girl could not understand or handle what was going on, so she decided to do herself in and tragically it was little Daniel who found her. Events as traumatic as this often have a life long effect on a person, and I believe this is why little Daniel is the person he is today. Hypothetically this album could be about one particular band member and if that were indeed the case then of course his identity should be kept anon. We can do this poker style or I can just tell you my damn fucking feelings on the album. I can be mean, I can be nasty. But this album is a warning for any children or young adults that are in a relationship and thinking about suicide as a way out; instead they are telling you to get the help you need and spare those left behind the damage they have to carry for the rest of their lives. If you are considering suicide, please talk to someone or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


  1. Indestructible – Daniel starts having these dreams of his first love that passed away, and he listens to her in this dream and they are arguing back and forth. Even though she passed, she has made him a stronger man than he was as a child; she promises him that she will be waiting for him on the other side.


  1. Inside The Fire – It must have been a very hard thing for Daniel to go through the loss of his girlfriend and for his parents to not be supportive of whom he wanted to date. He prays to god every night to release his soul so he can be reborn again. Every night he has the same dream over and over and over. When he closes his eyes, he needs to tell her to wait for him and he will see her in the other life.


  1. Deceiver – When Daniel speaks about a vampire sucking his blood, lets change this word from vampire to psychic vampire – one who sucks and feeds off of your life force. He is saying that the love of his life is affecting his outside life, his public life and everyone around him. He has to realize that this girl is not a sucking vampire, but a soul guide to take him through life. Now that she has become his guide in life, let the vampire feelings go to someone more deserving – like George W. Bush. Suicide is very hard to deal with, especially as a kid. When this person starts coming back to you and guiding you through life, she is trying to help you.


  1. The Night – The lyrics are spooky, but they are not just coming from the writer of the song, it is coming from his guide. And where he thinks he is losing everything, he is not. This person is supporting him. He wants her to give in to the night, but she is hanging on until she knows you are okay. She will always be there protecting you and will be there to lend a hand when you need her. Listen to her in your head and tell her that you have the message, and tell her to go into the light and then move on. She is the powerhouse behind these emotions and the lyrics behind the album.


  1. Perfect Insanity – You are not losing your mind. You are not crazy. You are not insane. You are not mentally disturbed. You do not have multiple personality disorder. You have become a channel for the dead. And after all these years of pain and anguish and fucking bullshit you went through, your friend has come back Daniel, and sure you want her to climb into your head, and your fans to climb into your head to see what’s going on. But this is between you and your guide. She is not here to hurt you. I would really suggest to you a book by George Anderson, “We Don’t Die” and maybe then you will understand the message that she is trying to send to you. You are a smart, intelligent young man with a good head on his shoulders. Now it is time take up the study of metaphysics and instead of fighting with her in your dreams and in your head, you will understand what she is saying. You want her to move on, but she is not ready yet. You will have a choice when you get to that train depot – do you go with your wife or your first love, and I know what the answer is going to be, she will push you into your wife’s arms, after seeing you for one last time.


  1. Haunted – In my religious theology, suicide is a major sin. Me myself, I do not    believe that. If you are in so much pain, and if you have sought help and the one person you love breaks it off with you, I can see the weakness of a moment when you want to end it all. Daniel, the dreams you have of her burning in hell is not so, this is your subconscious reliving the pain you felt. She is not in a bad place, she is just lingering watching over you. She is the burning light behind every aspect of your life. She is the one that keeps you going. I know you are haunted, and I know you have bad dreams, but this can also be part of where you think she is, but where she really is inside your heart. She will always be the creative force behind you.


  1. Enough – This has nothing to do with Daniel’s friend. This is dedicated to President Bush, and all the troops that have died in this world war he has created, and their souls must be hitting him in the back of the head all the fucking time. Which he deserves, by the way. We have too many parents burying their children and don’t think for a moment that these parents don’t know the truth about how their kids died, because we know their kids must have visited their dreams and told them the truth. We have created another Vietnam; the elite, profit hungry officials that created it will be haunted for the rest of his life for the war they created by the souls of his parents and the dead for the rest of his life.


  1. The Curse – Why does this shit keep happening to you? I will tell you why; you have to learn to separate your psychic world from your professional world. You have to put the wall up between you and your guides. Yes, they may show you things you have done, but that is good. And it helps you keep that person’s memory alive. Think of it as being loved back by the person you love. I will keep you in my heart and hope that she communicates what she needs from you.


  1. Torn – You are not the cause of her death. Stop blaming yourself. The fire that you feel burning is the love you two shared. The fire is not going to take away the images, it is the love. It is a reminder not to let this ever happen to anyone else in your life or any of your fans and it is your job to share this message to everyone you can that life is beautiful.


  1. Criminal – Daniel, you must have a good relationship with your friend that passed away. I do not know if this person left a suicide note or not, but I think when you wrote these words you were actually channeling your friend that passed and she is communicating all the pain and anguish she felt when she ended her life. Be strong and take the words that she has given you and make the beautiful music that you are making.


  1. Divide – We can all understand the pain you are going through. The only one who can break you is you. You do not understand yet about your psychic link. There is a reason you hear the sirens again. Instead of beating your head in another time, step back in your dreams and place you and her in a safe place where she is free and able to talk to you and keep that safe place forever where she knows she will not be hurt again. This so called feeling of division will combine into one world and you will be able to call on her when you need her and shut her up when you need to. To let the pain go, you must confront her one on one in your inner safe haven.


  1. Façade – This song has nothing to do with anything else but abuse, and what abused women think about every time they get hit by their so called loved one. They have become their abuser’s slave. They put on a great face like nothing is wrong but in their diary at night all their thoughts pour out. One out of every three women here in America have been abused by their partners, and every single day at least 3 women are murdered by their spouses. Maybe dinner was cold, maybe the house wasn’t cleaned they way he likes it. So many organizations out there, girls, will help you get the help you need. Don’t do it just for yourself, but stand up for all the women that have been abused. If you need help or know someone that does – please, PLEASE call your local domestic violence hotline or 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).




I can truly see why every time Disturbed puts out an album it hits number one on the charts. They are honest and don’t hold back on their feelings. If you can catch them on the Mayhem tour, you would be wise to not miss it for a million dollars – they are that good.


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