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In the time before Lita Ford, there was Doro Pesch. What? I can hear you all the way from here, Lita Ford was in the Runaways. -This is what I mean. Lita Ford would have liked to be Doro Pesch if she had ever grown up and did big girl music like Joan Jett. Instead, Lita faded into Behind The Music after a duet with Ozzy only to make her own Behind The Music special called Edgeplay minus the only Runaway with a career-Joan Jett. -We have a better example of how to overcome tough shit that happens to you. We have Doro Pesch, one of the most prolific and powerful female rock/metal voices ever. Doro, if you will remember, was mistress of the all powerful European sensation WARLOCK. Doro was ripped off. Doro lost the rights to her bands name. Doro still has a career and a voice. It is enough to make you think kids. Isn’t it?

MI: What is your birthday?

Doro: June 3rd.

MI: Tell us about the band members.

Doro: The bass player has been in the band for 15 years and his name is Nick Douglas, the drummer is Johnny Dee, the guitarist is Joe Taylor, and Oliver Palotai plays rhythm guitar and keyboards.

MI: Tell us about the new movie you’re in.

Doro: It’s great. I met the guy who wrote it a year ago and he asked if I wanted to do some music for the movie and I told him I would love to. After I read the script I thought it was great and then he asked me if I would consider playing the part of two females and I thought it was too good to be true. It was extremely hard and it was snowing and cold in the mountains where we were.

MI: Is the movie going to be released in the states?

Doro: Yes, later next year.

MI: Is the music they use for the movie your music?

Doro: Yes, it is my music and we are planning on doing the whole movie soundtrack. For the movie soundtrack we thought we could do something different like some atmospheric stuff.

MI: Tell us about the new CD.

Doro: It was a side project at one point and I played some tracks at concerts and the fans asked why I did not put the music on a CD so I talked to the record company and they said they would love to do a record like that.

MI: Who did the album cover?

Doro: It was done by a photographer I have worked with for a long time, he is a German guy, and he has a great talent.

MI: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Doro: White Snake, AC/DC, Motor Head, Metallica, Judas Priest… I love all kinds of music. I love Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin too.

MI: Weren’t you in the band Saxon?

Doro: No, I was in Warlock. We toured a lot with the band Saxon.

MI: What made you leave Warlock?

Doro: I didn’t leave. We had two tour managers, one for Europe and one for America. The European tour manager had to quit the job and after that we lost the rights to the name of the band.

MI: Do you plan to release any videos?

Doro: We released a DVD.

MI: What band would you like to play with most?

Doro: Metallica, Judas Priest, Fuel, Motor Head… That would be awesome.

MI: What are your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana?

Doro: I think it’s better than alcohol because people would relax a lot more. I would be all for it.

MI: Have you ever inhaled?

Doro: Yeah. I was always the responsible one though because I was the one who would always drive the band home.

MI: What are your feelings about Hurricane Katrina?

Doro: I remember New Orleans was very beautiful and there were great people there. I was so shocked and so sad.

MI: What are your feelings on the war in Iraq?

Doro: I think it’s a disaster. I always go with my instinct and my heart and I think it’s wrong.

MI: Who was your hero growing up?

Doro: I love Janis Joplin. I always thought she was so powerful and wired and lived life to the fullest. I admire her. Muhammad Ali was another one.

MI: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Doro: One time in New Jersey I saw a ghost fly up in front of my eyes. It looked exactly like you would imagine. It was like the grim reaper. Thank God one of my friends was with me. I was so scared that I was paralyzed. My friend started screaming for it to go away and it finally disappeared after about 3 minutes. I was so paralyzed I could only move my eyes. It was only about 2 or 3 meters from me.

MI: Who was more important to music? Elvis, The Beatles, or Jim Morrison?

Doro: I think a handful of musicians are important to a lot of different people.

MI: What is your favorite book?

Doro: My favorite book is ‘Seed and the Soil’.

MI: What is your favorite movie?

Doro: My favorite movie is ‘Deliverance’.

MI: What do you do in your free time?

Doro: I love painting and I love talking to people. I’m on the telephone a lot. I have to sell enough records to pay this telephone bill.

MI: What do you love about being a musician and what do you hate about it?

Doro: I love that you can reach out to people’s hearts and souls. I like the feeling of having a big family all over the world. I hate the pressure of the music business to play by the rules. Now it’s much better than the 80’s when I started out.

MI: What would you warn a young band about when it comes to the music business?

Doro: I can tell you from many experiences when we were younger and signing so many contracts that we didn’t go to a good lawyer and I feel like I was signing my life away. Spend the money on someone you can really trust and take your time and make sure it’s what you want. Always follow your heart.

MI: What’s the most fucked up dream you’ve ever had?

Doro: Working in a concentration camp.

MI: How did you feel when Dimebag Darrell got killed?

Doro: I was so shocked. I know he was such a great guy and I think it’s so fucked up that he tried to play a concert and got shot doing it.

MI: If you could design a memorial for Dimebag what would it be?

Doro: I would write a poem.

MI: Who would you like to bury live in cement?

Doro: Adolf Hitler. I was born in Germany and I hated him.

MI: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would they be?

Doro: Jesus Christ, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix.

MI: What is your favorite city in America?

Doro: New York.

MI: If you had a million dollars and could donate it to any charity what would that charity be?

Doro: To abused women.

MI: Who would you say your favorite guitar player and drummer is?

Doro: My favorite drummer is Cozy Powell and my favorite guitar player is Jake Lee.

MI: Do you believe in psychics?

Doro: Yes, I’ve had some good experiences.

MI: Do you have a message for your mom?

Doro: Don’t worry mom I will be all right and I will always love you.

MI: Do you have a message for your fans?

Doro: They mean the world to me and I would do anything for them, give anything for them, and they are the reason why I am still alive and kicking.

MI: What is your favorite quote?

Doro: Don’t lose unless you win.

MI: What is your website?



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