Drowning Pool At The Roxy


Drowning Pool is: Mike Luce-Drums. Jason ‘Gong’ Jones-Vocals. Stevie Benton-Bass. C.J. Pierce-Guitar.

I pulled some shit to get my shots of Drowning Pool on the MTV 2 Headbangers Ball at The Roxy in Atlanta. I will confess that much. My curiosity got the best of me. I thought the lead singer from Drowning Pool was dead, but I saw the new guy on stage and I was fucking hooked and so was the crowd at The Roxy. -I heard the little fucked up comments about people feeling weird about seeing Drowning Pool with Dave Williams dead, but I think Dave would be the first guy to say Jason was the only replacement for him. After all, it IS a fucking tragedy that Dave died-but he died having realized his dreams AND he died on Ozzfest. How rock and roll is that? -Back to Jason. Did you know that he is a tattoo artist? He sings like a fucking monster and drinks Jagermeister like a trooper on stage. I fucking love him. He is hard rock, metal, and Iron Man powerful. He handled Bodies, Sinner, and all of the tracks off of the first album very fucking well. He put his own stamp on all of the older stuff. He did Dave proud. He wasn’t Dave; he was Gong. All the new shit sounded fucking fantastic too. I really liked the way he handled Step Up, Bringing Me Down, and Killing Me. Toward the end of the show, he reminded me a lot of Josey Scott from Saliva. -C.J. Pierce on guitar was outfuckingrageous. He was simply Joe Perry beautiful with a dash of Nancy Wilson. You have to see this fucker on stage live to get the full effect. He is everything you have ever seen and more. He has all the power and beauty that a lead guitar player needs. -Mike Luce on drums was amazing. He was blues, jazz, funk, and metal. He was better than Lars Ulrich the mighty midget. -Stevie Benson on bass was pretty fucking incredible too. Bass players feel the burn so fucking much. Watch him live, and you can tell everything he is thinking and feeling. It is written on his face and pours out of his fingers. -The new version of Drowning Pool is more hard rock bordering on metal like Anthrax and Saliva. If they come to a town near you, give them a chance. You won’t be sorry.


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