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Dry Kill Logic: The Darker Side Of Nonsense

Dry Kill Logic is: Cliff Rigano-Vocals. Jason Bozzi-Guitars. Phil Arcuri-drums.

I HAD to listen to Dry Kill Logic. 1. They are from fucking Westchester; I am from Yonkers. 2. They left the Walt Disney label-also known as Roadrunner-because they weren’t going to be allowed to make the kind of music they wanted. I love that whole artistic integrity thing. It takes BALLS to walk away from a record deal with a major label now doesn’t it? 3. That Mistress Carrie thanking Rob Caggiano from Anthrax was involved with the production, mixing, and engineering. 4. Dry Kill Logic is a Jagermeister band. We all know Jager is a favorite booze of mine. A shot of Jager will never steer you wrong (endorsement NOT paid for by Sidney Franco Importing). And 5. Cliff Rigano is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. –I listened to The Darker Side of Nonsense and realized that this is what Roadrunner Records was supposed to be-intense, groundbreaking, and dark. The oldest Roadrunner band going is Type O Negative-and they are still intense, groundbreaking, and dark. With the newer Roadrunner bands, there is a tendency to play to the lowest common denominator in order to make a buck-look at the fact that the artistic integrity of Stone Sour and The Murderdolls is being shelved in order to put out a new Slipknot album. Even Slipknot knew it was time to take off the masks, but fuck they signed a contract. I guess the powers that be at Roadrunner got a stronger contract after they let Dry Kill Logic get away. It is a fucking shame, because the integrity of DKL could have been a saving grace for Roadrunner. –Yeah, DKL is nu-metal. They have rap lines in songs along with Slipknot growls-but it is done so fucking well that it doesn’t piss me off. DKL reminds me of Pantera, Tool, Korn, Sepultura, and Fear Factory. I can see the younger bands like Twisted Method evolving into a Dry Kill Logic sound (don’t get me wrong here, I love Twisted Method right now-but it is fun to predict where they are going to go.). –Cliff Rigano’s vocals are so damned distinctive that it is a real bitch to compare him to anybody. His metal lines are pure-like fucking spun gold, and yes there are Rap lines. You could compare those rap lines to Ice T and EARLY Korn. They don’t sound like Rap you hear on the fucking radio, or even rap you hear in newer metal music-in Rigano they seem like a natural, logical thing. In DKL, the rap lines sound like they are the only thing hard enough to fit-like a Pantera song. I have NEVER heard DKL live, but I will bet Cliff Rigano works the crowd like Phil Anselmo (currently with Superjoint Ritual). I really fucking like the way he sounds, and I am a psychic-so I feel entitled to predict what he would sound like live. –Scott Thompson is the guitar player on this CD-he’s outrageously fucking good on it. He is just no longer in Dry Kill Logic. For that matter, the bass player on this cd, Dave Kowatch, is gone too. You have to live your life I guess-if you live in the Westchester area, DKL is on the hunt for a new bass player. Let me warn you-you better not suck.
That brings us to Phil Arcuri on the drums. Phil fucking rocks man. His drum performance is fucking outstanding-it is truly John Bonham good. You are really going to fucking like him. –So we have this truly hot cd, The Darker Side of Nonsense, with a truly outstanding vocal performance. Fucking excellent drums. Rob Caggiano from Anthrax, and DKL giving the finger to Roadrunner. –See, these boys are from MY part of New York. Lets look at some tracks.

1. Nightmare – Me + You =Nightmare. You could call this Westchester math now couldn’t you? I left some fucking nightmares in Yonkers. I can totally fucking relate. Great fucking song.

2. Feel the Break – Look at this…this one is the flipside of Nightmare. What EVIL fucking bitch did this to Cliff? Who caused his nervous breakdown? -Of course, Cliff could just be singing about a friend that he knows or something-but it sounds like a Westchester break up to me.

3. Pain – Relationship pain. I think it could be about ALL fucking relationships –mother, father, brother, sister…but it is really about some EVIL woman again. God, is she pulling his fingernails off with a bottle opener or what?

4. Nothing – Fuck yeah. See Westchester boys get resolution…because it is a fine line between love and hate, and he fucking hates her. I will bet he let her take all of the furniture and his cat when she moved out. –But he realizes what the fuck he did wrong with this one in this song.

5. Assfault – Cliff and Dry Kill Logic is coming for you in this song. New Yorkers never fucking forget. Be warned, and we rarely fucking forgive unless we are madly in love with you and, on top of that, you are giving us fantastic sex. –But that is not the case here now is it?

6. Weight –Stress. This guy has the weight of the fucking world on his shoulders and nobody will give him a fucking break. Nobody appreciates the fucking blood sacrifices-but you give everything for love.

7. A Better Man Than Me –Somebody ALWAYS had to go and think they are better than you don’t they? They have more money, they weigh less than you, they dress right, they know how to kiss ass better than you do, they get into all the fucking shows that you can’t get in to because your not a major daily…oh wait, fuck…I was relating to this a little to much, but isn’t that what great music is supposed to be about?

8. Rot – This is my favorite track off of The Darker Side of Nonsense. I really like this lyric- ‘Rot. You don’t like me: I hope you rot.’ I was thinking I could make this into a Christmas card and send it to so many fucking people. I have a list-it is about ten pages long. –I have been known to wish people dead to their faces from time to time. So I am calling this set of lyrics a Westchester thing.

9. Track 13 – Funny thing is that this is track nine on the cd. See it is my job to point of the stupid shit every now and again. –This song is really about the light at the end of the tunnel and finding your way when you are lost.

10. Give Up, Give In, Lie Down – Never say die, and never let them see you face down on the ground man-no matter what you feel like. –If Jesus was a New Yorker, that whole crucified thing would have NEVER happened. He would have told Pilate-you first cocksucker. Then he would have had his people talk to God’s people and renegotiate his contract. He would have then hired himself a lawyer and a pr person and then he would have wrote a book called, ‘Saving the Mother Fucking World, by the way-I DO NOT BELIEVE IN FUCKING CHASTITY, have sex.’ -Needless to say, I got a lot from this song.

11. The Strength I Call My Own – Did you catch the line ‘enjoy your fuckin’ kickbacks?’ Cliff snuck a jab at the music industry in there. See, in my hometown, we let it all hang out. We don’t believe in holding fucking nothing back, and we really hate LIARS.

12. Goodnight – This is a song about a crisis of the soul…a spiritual crisis. It is a bitch to get your balls up and make it match what is going on in your head…but we know the end of this story don’t we. DKL left Roadrunner.
The Darker Side of Nonsense is an intelligent album that rocks. It is Roadrunner’s loss that DKL left them. –I like music that has integrity and balls. I like music that is groundbreaking. If you like that kind of music too, you are going to love The Darker Side of Nonsense. So yes, pick it up. Trust me, pick it up.

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