Easy Rider: Animal


Easy Rider: Ron Finn-Vocals. Javier Villanueva-Guitar. Daniel Castellanos-Guitar. Jose Villenueva-Bass. Rafa Diaz-Drums.

Ron Finn is from Boston-that is gonna fucking throw you because it is a Spanish band on an overseas label, but if I was a classic metal singer I would probably go overseas as well. You gotta eat. You gotta have a fucking job, and if it was 2004 and I sounded like Bruce Dickinson I would probably be in Spain. Finn has a voice built for either the Scorpions or Iron Maiden-but those jobs are taken so the very next best fit for him is Easy Rider. I like the Finn’s voice-it takes you on a journey and is fucking incredible. Is there something in the water in Boston that makes them like him? How is he handling all of those letter R’s in the Spanish language? Hehehe. For my friends in Boston, I have to ask. -Javier Villenueva plays a fucking outrageous guitar that reminds me of Steve Vai in his Whitesnake Days. Daniel Castellanos plays an excellet rhythm that reminds me of Hetfield. -Jose Villanueva reminds me of Marco Mendoza on bass. -Rafa Diaz is a monster on the drums and could cut loose on a few solos. -So what the hell is the problem here? Let me tell you. This band has a prog/power metal thing happening that is good, but it has the potential to be great. The first half of the CD is as strong as hell, but the second half, while technically good, will cause the listeners to drop off. The CD stopped with Suddenly making me think the producer was asleep on the fucking job. -Wake up. You have the right singer. You have the right musicians-but the songs fucking die. What was the point with the nine minute song called The Dream Lives On? The fucking thing drops off leaving us WITH NO END to the CD. The CD needs a re-master or something. Call Sascha K from KMFDM-he knows how to handle heavy. -So yes, I am disappointed because of the potential that is here that was not achieved. We have a band that you can hear the influences of Iron Maiden, The Scorpions, Helloween and Armored Saint on that still has a unique sound. Any local band that would put this out in the States would be fucking shredded over the last four songs. -I think this band has the potential for greatness, but something has to give. I am sorry, but you only get a six out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’S out of me. -Tracks that save this CD are Sacrifice and Chasing Demons.

Track Listing:
Chasing Demons
Casting The Shadow Of Sin
Walls Of Hatred
Watch Your Step
Future Kill
A New Day
The Dream Lives On


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