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Jason Newsted’s Echo Brain Project

Echo Brain is: Jason Newsted-bass. Brian Sagrafena-drums. Dylan Donkin-vocals, guitar.

Yeah, I called it Jason Newsted’s Echo Brain project. Isn’t it? -Pent up frustration made Jason leave Metallica. Hetfield wouldn’t allow side projects-which is a stupid fucking rule. How in the world are musicians supposed to grow unless they explore shit? Case in point Mr. James Hetfield-St. Anger is weak. It is the weakest piece of Metallica’s work EVER and maybe if you didn’t put your band members on a fucking choker chain protecting the corporate Metallica money-making machine-St. Anger would have been much fucking better. Maybe it would have had an edge to it, and Metallica wouldn’t have had to get all fucking gimmicky and shoot a video inside of San Quentin. Maybe St. Anger WOULD have had some fucking anger to it-after all; it is the fucking post rehab album. Instead, rules and rehab made Jason leave and stifled any growth Metallica could have had in the process. Hetfield, you know I love you-but Voivod is fucking KICKING Metallica’s ass. We all know it. –So Jason Newsted left Metallica after the shit hit the fan about Echo Brain. I never knew what the big fucking deal was. So what, Newsted is a musician and likes to play and perfect his craft. Who can fucking blame him? I never heard the fucking cd marketed as Metallica plays Echo Brain. –All the fucking bitching in that Playboy interview-but there is Kirk Hammett doing a guest solo on Echo Brain. Give me a fucking break.
Echo Brain is rock. It is psychedelic like Pink Floyd on Ghosts. It is bluesy like Aerosmith on Highway 44. Echo Brain is smart and explores a bunch of fucking shit and goes to a bunch of fucking places that Newsted would have never been able to go with Metallica-and god does he sound fucking great on it. –Dylan Donkin has a deep set of vocals on him, and a hot fucking guitar style. You’re gonna like him. I can’t wait to hear more out of him. Brian Sagrafena on drums is hot hot hot-and Dylan and Brian are some great fucking songwriters too. I can see why Newsted chose to work with them. They are a couple of talented mother fuckers. Let’s look at the tracks.

Colder World-Sometimes you have to be a fucking bastard to protect yourself-it is called the loss of fucking innocence. You have to shut your fucking heart DOWN because there is only so many times is can be broken. The world isn’t such a nice place to be when that happens.

The Feeling Is Over-Look at this. This one is the flip side to colder world-if you know somebody loves you and you just can’t fucking feel it-you’re dead. You know that love is there though, and a lobotomy looks awfully nice.

Spoonfed-I like to think this one is pointed right the fuck at Metallica. Look at the lyrics. ‘I got a case against people who waste all their power.’ ‘The way you sell faith, how ‘bout selling some taste preacher.’
‘Once you were alive.’ -It is an angry goddamn song. Yes, you could make the argument that is about religion and you wouldn’t be wrong-but it sounds like somebody is pissed at Metallica to me.

Adrift-The hero in this song is telling us what it is like when you die. When you find the gate, call the wind. It is fucking strange that a lot of different songwriters use the image of the gate when you die-not the pearly gates, just the gate.

Keep Me Alive-This one could be a fucking spoken word piece-the lyrics turn into a fucking heartbeat and it is fading fast. You can make all the demands that you fucking want to, but sometimes shit sucks you under and eats your soul.

Ghosts-Ahh, fucking love can kill you too. It can be any kind of fucking love-not just romantic love. Your children can break your fucking heart. The people you work with can break your heart over the music that you love-and everything dies and becomes a fucking ghost of what it once was.

SuckerPunch-Let’s not forget you get your ass kicked when you love too much, and those ass kickings make you colder. You have to toughen up once you have taken so many punches to the fucking gut.
Love slowly does then, and so do you.

Highway 44-Fame. It isn’t so often you get a song about fame. Yeah, you SHOULD be proud of yourself if you make it. You should feel fucking high, because the road is long and hard-sort of like a fucking highway. –You can always take that highway to a place where you want to be.

I Drank You-Oh love is a potion, and if you drink it you are fucking trapped sometimes. You can only hope that the other person is right there with you, but what if they are not? You have no other choice than to put all of your cards on the table and hope they don’t laugh in your fucking face.

Cryin’ Shame-When love dies between two people in any form, there is a big fucking gap that forms between them. It is as big as the whole universe-and it is a crying shame isn’t it?

Echo Brain is a smart fucking piece of work. You could interpret the whole thing as a pissed off Newsted talking to Metallica, or you could think of it as the life and death process. The greatest thing that ever happens to any of us in any form is love. Love makes us feel good. Love makes us high. When loves dies, a part of you dies too. Your heart gets cold. –I like Echo Brain very fucking much. It is smart and everything a side project should be. It explores music in different forms-it is hard rock. It is smooth rock-and it is hard to pidgeon hole into any specific genre. –Yes, I would recommend picking up a copy of Echo Brain. It is historically important and fucking great.

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