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Elliot Rubin – Love and Daggers

Barb Fara
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Produced by Charles Clifton and Elliot Rubin


1. Willie Mays – Elliott Rubin is a wonderful and fantastic singer-songwriter who obviously has a natural talent – with each note he sparkles more and more. He just rips my soul with Willie Mays. The lyrics are so true; we take everyone for granted and never give back. When is the world going to wake up and stop being evil to each other?


2. My Ticket Out – Question. If you are each other ticket out – who’s buying the gas? I’m tired of whiny little people making plans to leave their hometown because it sucks. She sees nothing but the stage and the stars and the money that you can make, Elliott. You are just her sugar daddy.


3. Pennies – You are in a bad relationship, sucky job, fucked up band and you want out, but don’t know how to make it happen. So instead you cause chaos. You make everyone’s life hell. Fucking go where you want to go, do what YOU want to do and stop bitching about it.


4. Poets – Poets should not have been recorded; it’s a waste of cd space and time. Not one of his better works. Actually, he is totally tone deaf in the song. The music itself is completely off. So Mr. Rubin, are you getting the message here? – fine tune your band, get a vocal coach and make a whole new album.


5. Profits and Me – hopeless, moving on. Elliott, not to hurt your feelings… I’m not saying that you are not talented, but you are not Jack Andrad from Uncrowned or John Stringer of State of Man. You are trying to be someone YOU ARE NOT. You should think about going into to folk music, or possibly getting another career altogether.


Now a list of the remaining track numbers 6-16: Dawsonville, mlk, Notebook, One Pipe, Love; Immortal, Thursday, She Likes to Drink, God’s Honest Truth, Gift, and finally Spent – Elliott, I got through the first 5 tracks, and I think you are the sweetest kid –  but this is so fucking way off…dude, you are trying to be someone who you are not. Not Gregg Allman, not Jeff Buckley, not even Kirk Cobain, you are so all over the place I don’t even know what genre of music this is! Actually I do, giving Barb a headache and being a buzzkill music. It’s time to wake up and stop whining and crying and be a big boy or should I send you a package of pampers and a baba??? So this way what you didn’t learn as a baby you can learn as an adult. You want to be a musician, act like one. Get the help that the band needs or keep your day job. All the time and money you wasted on this cd could have been put to better work if you just took the time and effort and worked on MUSIC. The end.


PS – You do sparkle, I don’t deny that, I’m not saying you don’t have talent, but by the 6th song, your sparkle diminished and from that point on the album went downhill. Take the time and effort on your next cd, don’t rush it trying to reach for the stars. This album to me sounded rushed, pushed out and not really mixed or engineered or produced properly, Mr. Sparkles. Shape up and try again.


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