Enders Game: Game Over


Enders Game: Kevin Freeman-Vocals. Jarrod Johnson-Guitar. Dave Merrill-Guitar. Shon Harp-Bass. Daniel Burch-Drums.

I like this little heavy metal band from Atlanta. I like them a lot. They have all the thrash style of Overkill and Exodus and all of the melodic style of Stone Sour combined in such a way that the sound is fucking unique. They put out some over the heavier, harder sound in Atlanta. I wouldn’t call them death metal-but it is extreme music like Hatebreed. -More than once, I have stood in the back of the club watching these guys. I am always watching, even if I am not there. People tell me WTF is going on-and right now one of the things that is going on soon is Enders Game. With the lack of quality metal that is hitting the South on national tours right now, we die hard metal head mother fuckers need our fix. Enders Game is going to fix you really fucking good. -Hey Jamey Josta, yeah you you in control of yourself son of a bitch, I would put Kevin Freeman up against you any day of the week. I am not saying you suck Jamey-I am just saying I think Kevin Freeman may be able to kick your ass on vocals. Kevin Freeman has a melodic thing going on that I would fucking love to hear out of Jamey Josta. -Jarrod Johnson and Dave Merrill are a way fucking talented guitar section, and you can hear their influences in their style. When I listen to the two of them, I can hear Dave Linsk, Dimebag Darrell, and George Lynch combine into this fucking mind blowing blend of melodic thrash and metal. -Shon Harp on bass reminds me of the bass god of death metal-Terry Butler. He provides the rolling thunder undertones to the sharp lightning crack of the drums. -The drums on the CD are done by Jeff Gardner-but Daniel Burch is the current drummer. The drums are hardcore on the cd and ever harder live. Burch is fucking exciting to watch. -Locally, these guys onstage with Prime Mover and Ground Xero would be a kick ass and fucking brutally poetic show. These are three bands that really make the fucking argument to launch an independent extreme metal label in Atlanta. -My favorites on the demo are S.K.O. and Shedding Faith. Go check these fucking guys out-you are going to love them.

Demo Track Listing:

Life In Oblivion
7th Circle
Shedding Faith
Systematic Killing of the American Dream (S.K.O)

Taken From www.endersgametheband.com


“Enders Game sounds more vital and forward-thinking than many of the bands they’re influenced by… for as much as they borrow from various styles of metal and hardcore, they come out with something wholly unique and extraordinary.”
– Mike Misiak, Southeast Performer Magazine

     Enders Game, a grass-roots metal act hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is poised to unleash their full-length debut album, Pattern of Decay, on the heels of a successful 4-song EP, Game Over (2003).  If past performance is any indicator of future success, Pattern will turn some heads.  Their EP has established considerable worldwide attention, garnered glowing reviews on webzines and in print, and received airplay on commercial and college radio stations across the U.S.

Opened for In Flames, Soilwork, Chimaira, Unearth and Arsis.
Appeared on Disc 1 of the 2004 Lifeless Records Compilation, A Treasury of Sorrows, distributed at the 2003 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.
Distributed Game Over at the 2003 Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.
Voted Top-5 (out of 14) independent bands in “Best Of the New Music Revolution” by Z-Rock radio listeners (400,000 total votes).
Held a Top-20 position (among popular label acts) with song “Shedding Faith” on the internet station Rapture Radio’s weekly request chart.
EP in circulation throughout the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America and Japan and listed in the Deathgasm Records Catalog.

     Enders Game formed in the winter of 2001 and is composed of five musicians from diverse musical backgrounds who combine their talents and work ethic toward a career in the music industry.  Enders Game has carved a place in the vast musical tapestry of Metro Atlanta by creating uncompromising music that combines the melody of 80’s thrash with the rhythms of today’s metal.

Kevin Freeman – Vocals
Jarrod Johnson – Guitar
David Merrill – Guitar
Shon Harp – Bass
Daniel Burch – Drums


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