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Atlanta-based Enders Game is: Shon Harp (vocals, bass); Jarrod Johnson (lead guitar); Dave Merrill (rhythm guitar, backing vocals); and Daniel Burch (drums, backing vocals.)

Enders Game formed in 2001 and has released two CDs: Game Over and Breathe New Life. It’s like a New York punk band/Southern rock band with some flattering glimmers of other artists. You hear sounds that remind you of a young Chris Cornell singing,  Dave Grohl on skins and Dave Navarro on guitar. And, you get that Cliff Burton effect with Shon on bass.

Yet, this is not a cover band; they are original artists.

The two CDs are fantastic masterpieces that are both worth the money. We can’t pick our favorite track because they’re all great. Life In Oblivion should be used on A&Es show Intervention, and Splintered & Broken is a hit in waiting. They will be another breakout band from Atlanta.

Listen for them on www.KNAC.com and look for them when they come through your town. And, keep checking back for MI’s interview with Enders Game in the near future to find out how they create their magic.

Game Over CD

Life In Oblivion

7th Circle

Shedding Faith

Systematic Killing Of The American Dream [S.K.D.]

The Breathe New Life CD has an entirely different sound from Game Over. It’s more melodic. Listen to all the tracks:

Splintered & Broken

Stand Alone


The Powers That Bleed

Today – Instrumental introduction to Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


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