Fallen Wisdom: Burning With Desire


Fallen Wisdom is: Radu-Vocals. Gonzi-Bass, Vocals. Steph-Guitars, Vocals. JC-Percussion, Vocals.

I saw Fallen Wisdom at The Masquerade when they played for about ten people. The deserve to be playing for about ten thousand. They are probably the best little band you have never heard about inside of Atlanta-but go outside of town. Go to Chicago and see the numbers at a Fallen show rise like the temperature in June. Take a run up to Tennessee and watch them pour in the door. Fallen Wisdom is a phenomenon waiting to happen to the music scene. Their music is very much inspired by the GOD of all things-Glen Danzig. Pick up a copy of the Fallen CD, Pleasure Turns To Pain, and listen to the cover of He Who Cannot Be Named. It is flawless and pitch perfect. Radu has a voice that is amazingly similar to that of Danzig. Look at the music that’s out there right now-we have young singers who sound like Dio, Halford, Barnes, and Tyler. Tons of them. In Radu, we have the first one who sounds like Danzig and it is about fucking time. Radu is absolutely brilliant and working the crowd and inspiring the pace of the set. His voice would be enough to win my heart-but there is more. We have a brilliant bass player in this band named Gonzi. Ordinarily bass players are an uninspiring bunch of fuckers who are content to hang out by the drum kit and collect their fifty bucks when the set is over. Not Gonzi. Gonzi is a bass player in the tradition of Rachel Bolan from Skid Row and -though they will probably kill me for saying it- Jerry Only from The Misfits. Gonzi is a bass player with an amazing vocal range and a huge stage presence. -This band has a female guitar player who is techinically amazing. Both times I saw her at The Masquerade, her monitor was dead-but unless you asked why she was hanging out by the amp you wouldn’t have known. She can shred like Vai. Do you hear me now devil? Stephanie can shred like you-and she can sing at the same time. -JC is the Fallen Wisdom drummer. He has this long flowing black hair that he can flip around while he sings and plays drums. He puts on a show behind the kit-and he is good-looking too. -Fallen Wisdom’s music is dark heavy metal with some massive punk rock overtones. It is brooding and sexy-so only the sexy people are going to understand it and like it. If you go to a Fallen Wisdom show, you may hear Halloween, Little Whip, Brand New God -or original FW tracks like Tres Velas, Circus, or Death. -Like I said earlier, join now or be left behind. Fallen Wisdom is going to happen to music. See them live NOW while you can still afford a ticket.


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