Fireball Ministry At The Masquerade


Fireball Ministry: Rev. James Rota II-Guitar, Vocals. Janis Tanaka-Bass. Emily Burton-Guitar. John Oreshnick-Drums.

Brothers and sisters, boys and girls welcome to the First Church of Rock and Roll known as Fireball Ministry-but don’t let the name fool you. We aren’t talking about some fucked up Christian rock band here. -I know Stryper had a time and place and that was in a galaxy far, FAR away known as 1985 and Winger had a place on a t-shirt in Beavis and Butthead too. I don’t want you to get confused here-this L.A. four piece on Nuclear Blast is no fucking Stryper. It is no Winger. It is more like a finely tuned Slayer high on some Judas Priest with a shot of Dio. Fireball offers up instant fucking classics like Daughter of the Damned, He Who Kills, and The Sinner. I am convinced that the Ministry thing is to keep somebody’s parents happy-but what the fuck do I know? I go to shows, take pictures, and tell you whether or not I like something-but you should know that I am never wrong. The whole world may think I am wrong, but I am never wrong. -Fireball Ministry has a place everywhere. Fireball is a hard rock band. Very hard. Slamming up against that metal edge like a grudge fuck. Not grunge, grudge fuck. The band is too fucking hard to ever be confused with Pearl Jam, but not quite as vicious as Atlanta based Mastadon (I think they grow them a little meaner in the South). But what the fuck does this mean to you and Fireball? Fireball could easily fit in at Ozzfest and then turn around and open for Aerosmith. They have mass genre appeal that will give them the following they so deeply deserve. -Let’s talk about the band. Reverend Jim has that Rob Halford fueled voice and that Steven Tyler sneer onstage. He beats that guitar like it has owed him money for a year and refuses to pay up. He has that sort of sneaky onstage presence that will make him a suspect in ANY sort of mass Kool-Aid incident outside of this country. Just do not hand him your life savings and go on the road with him. Who knows what will happen to you? -Then there is Sister Emily Burton on the guitar. Yes, she named herself this when the band debuted on BONG LOAD RECORDS because every great ministry has a sister and somebody has to play Tammy Faye. Emily plays this huge fucking guitar with big fan looking things coming out of the body that resemble flames. She is fucking great and is the best female guitarist I have seen in awhile. -Then we have Janis Tanaka on bass. Janice is one of those rare bass players that have a fucking stage presence. I haven’t found a female bass player lacking in stage presence yet though. Women try harder. Much fucking harder. Janis should teach classes to the boys and it is her bluesy bass riffs that keep Fireball on the Hard Rock side of the equator. -John Oreshnick on drums looked like he was having a great fucking time. He looked like he was having such a good time that I had a hard time paying attention to whether or not he sucked as a drummer. He could have. He might have-but it really didn’t fucking matter. If he had sucked, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb. His style held that unique sound together. -The show was in support of The Second Great Awakening and it fucking rocked. Fireball Ministry has perfected their sound and the band is ready to unleash it on the world. Check this band out when it comes to a town near you, I mean it because I am never wrong, and you might just find you get what you need.


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