Gene Loves Jezebel: Exploding Girls


Gene Loves Jezebel: Exploding Girls
Release Date: August 12th, 2003
Label: Bless Momma Records

Barbara Fara
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Gene Loves Jezebel is:
Michael Ashton: Vocals/Guitars
Michael Ciravolo: Guitar/Keyboards
Pando: Bass
Michael Brahm: Drums

Michael Aston has a hypnotic voice. He has always reminded me of Gary Numan. Gene
Loves Jezebel has always reminded me of The Cure. If you like NIN, or the Cure-you
will like Gene Loves Jezebel. –The new cd on Aston’s label, Bless
Momma Records, is fucking beautiful. It is not rap, metal, hip hop, or R&B.
It is goth, sort of-but it has grown up. The songs mean so much more now. What
makes this record unusual is that each song on the cd is written for one particular
woman-anybody can write a love song, but how many songs are written for someone?
Aston makes no secrets or apologies about his politics. We know the political
songs-but the other songs, just like good poetry always does, allow us the freedom
to make then about whoever we want them to be about.

Track Listing:

Exploding Girl-This is the title tracking about the first female Palestinian suicide
bomber. –She is strong, beautiful, and full of purpose. It could be about
any girl, but Michael wrote it for this one.

The woman in this song has a song in her heart, and a song in her veins-she believes
she is doing the right thing.
Love No Longer-What is she going to do when love no longer sets her free? Free
love isn’t always the answer is it? –This is a great dance tune. It
has a synth poppy beat to it and it would be great in a club-much better than
the rap bullshit coming out right now. –He tried to save her, but no amount
of love could free her from the monkey on her back.

Downhill Both Ways-This is the song for immigrants. Our hero in this song is just
a man, not an American-a man who sacrifices everything for the woman he loves.
–No matter what he does, he is falling downhill. –There is no way
for him to feel like he is winning.
What Do You Want From Me?-What can our hero do to hold on to this woman’s
love? She has ripped him up and thrown him away-and there is no answer. There
is no hope. –Listen to him plead as he is falling…and don’t
forget to dance. Nothing is derived from lost love, except a really driving goth

Jenin-This is about the twenty three year old American woman who was ran over
by a bulldozer in Israel while she was trying to stop it from leveling someone’s
home. –This was a tragedy, but nobody hailed this woman as a hero except
Michael and Gene Loves Jezebel. –She was trying to save someone’s

My Hearts A Flame-A great love makes you feel like you are on fucking fire. Who
was this woman that made Michael Aston feel like his heart was on fire? I think
it has to be his wife. –Love makes you fucking crazy. Love makes you blind.
2 Hungry Women-The lyrics-one woman watches her child cry, and another watches
her child cry, while American bombers rain down from above. We never look at the
other side of what happened in the war on terrorism…the two women in this
song never crashed into the towers, but they paid a price too.

Blue Mary-Wild fucking beat to this song. –What became of the lonely girl,
with the lost love? Mary must be one amazing woman. What color was that sky-azure?
-This song is all drums, howls, and Aston’s vocals-it is unusual and beautiful.

Aire (Buenos Aires)-Everybody wants to run away every now and again. Our hero
in this song has an escape plan-sometimes he wants to kill her, sometimes he wants
to run away, and sometimes he wants to run to her. He just wants to be allowed
to breathe.

Wind & Fire-There is always that one person who can take you higher than everyplace
else. That person can take you to a place where nothing else exists but the elements-and
nothing matters but that person’s love.

This is a pretty cd, it is beautiful and political. I recommend it if you were
EVER into Gene Loves Jezebel, because it is probably the best GLJ that has ever
been made. I can’t wait to catch Gene Loves Jezebel live when they come
to this part of the country. –Thank God that Aston decided to be independent
on this release, because the big labels would have hacked it to death. –Yes,
you will like this one. Order it off of the Gene Loves Jezebel website. Support
independent music and independent voices.

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