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Going Inside with Endo’s Gil Bitton

Gil Bitton is the vocalist for Sony Music’s Endo. Endo is a hot melodic metal band based out of Miami. Endo was on second stage at OZZFEST 2003. Endo is GOING PLACES, and Gil took time out of his busy schedule, during a hurricane, to pick up the phone and talk to me.
Here is what Gil had to say:

MI-What is your birth date?
Gil-2-1-75 (Aquarius. Quick lesson-Aquarians are interested in the greater good for everybody, and the detailed stuff is for a Virgo. An Aquarian might start a homeless shelter.)

MI-Tell me what you like about Diamada Galas.
Gil-Diamada, the thing about her is how dramatic she is. It is almost like she is possessed. It is so amazing to hear her voice and hear how she uses her voice. The passion and drama in her voice. The passion in the way she plays and sings. She just gives it all, and just doesn’t give a fuck. That’s what I love about her. (Diamanda should go on tour with Endo. She was trained as a classical pianist, but shrieks like a banshee. Look up her cover of ‘I Put A Spell On You.’)

MI-Who would you compare yourself vocally to?
Gil-I would probably a little bit of Bowie and a little bit of Manson. Our music is a little dark, and I attempt to seduce the listener. (Please Gil, don’t ever put on make up. You are too pretty for that.)

MI-Describe Endo’s music to me.
Gil-Endo’s music is very complex. It ranges from heavy to melodic to dark-there are just so many elements. In order to classify it? I probably wouldn’t because there are just so many elements that it is hard to pinpoint a genre of music because there is just so much going on. For those that want to classify it, I would just say a melodic rock quartet.

MI-Tell me what inspires your lyrics.
Gil-I have a quote that I always say. I say that love is pain, and pain is inspiration. So that is what inspires my lyrics.

MI-Tell me how you came up with the name for the band.
Gil-We were looking for something that meant within or inside ourselves, and Endo seemed like the perfect fit.

MI-Tell me the story about how Endo got together.
Gil-To make a long story short. Zelick, the bass player, and I met at a keg party. We were introduced by his cousin, and since then we have been making history. We went through all kinds of players until we got the right chemistry down.

MI-What do you consider Endo’s first big break?
Gil-Probably getting a video on MTV.

MI-What was your most memorable moment on OZZFEST 2003?
Gil-There are so many memorable moments. One of them was just Jonathan Davis coming on our bus and hanging out with us. That was probably the most memorable moment. That and playing every day for thousands of people. (It seems like Jonathan Davis got around during Ozzfest.)

MI-Tell me about the average day in the life of Gil Bitton.
Gil-When I am at home, I get as much sleep as possible. I dream of sex all day. I think of music. I think of the band and what comes next. I think of my career. I give my parents hugs and kisses, and I watch TV because I never watch TV on the road.

MI-Do you believe in psychics?
Gil-Yes I do believe that there are those people that are evolved enough to be considered psychic.

MI-What is your favorite track off of Songs For the Restless?
Gil-A Song called I Won’t Die. That one and a song called Clean Sheets-which is the first one.

MI-Have you ever inhaled?
Gil-Yes. (See. Again, rock stars never lie about this stuff!)

MI-Why did you become a musician?
Gil-Music. Ever since I could hear, ever since I was introduced to true music, I knew naturally that I wanted to be a musician.

MI-Who are your influences as a musician?
Gil-Influences would range from Trent Reznor to Peter Murphy to Robert Smith.

MI-Do you play any instruments?
Gil-Yes, I play guitar. I play a little of everything-a little bass, a little drums, and I write songs.

MI-Other than Endo, who are your favorite currents bands?
Gil-I would say-I have a side project that is called Lisbon. That is probably one of my favorites beside Endo. I know that is probably a little self-serving (laughing).

MI-If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one cd, one book, one person, and one bottle of booze-who and what would you bring?
Gil-I would bring my girlfriend. The Book-I would bring Chaos and Harmony. The CD would be Hail To The Thief by Radiohead. The Liquor would be Jagermeister. MI-You are my kind of boy, I am a Jager girl myself!

MI-If you could be god for a week, what would you change?
Gil-I would help humanity realize that we are all human, and that we should all be alive. Killing each other is very stupid. (See, very Aquarian. Very Big Picture.)

MI-Tell me how the music industry has been treating you.
Gil-It has been okay. So far so good. I think of it this way-they are so many bands out there that would love to be in our position. I would say so far so good-even though I am never satisfied. I always want more and more, and I always want more success.

MI-What was the worst job you ever had and why?
Gil-Probably being a waiter. I hate waiting on people. (I agree. It is a far fucking better thing to be waited on. Room service is the only way to fucking go.)

MI-What was it like growing up in Miami?
Gil-I guess growing up in itself is a pain in the ass. Growing up in Miami sucked. I had a really horrible time in school-I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I just had a horrible time, and no one was really nice to me in high school or junior high. I had a hard time fitting in. –It was not great, but it wasn’t bad either. I guess it was just growing up normally. (I’ll bet the fuckers you went to school with REALLY hate you now. You were on fucking OZZFEST, and living well is the best revenge.)

MI-If a movie was made about your life, what would be the theme song?
Gil-Searching for nothing. It is not a song, but it is a title.

MI-If a genie came to you and granted you three wishes, what would they be?
Gil-It would be world peace. There would be no diseases, so we could have sex comfortably without worrying about it. My third wish would be for me personally and for my family to live happy and healthy. (He didn’t ask for money or fame-he wants to help us ALL out.)

MI-You have been all over the country on OZZFEST. Tell me how you think the country is doing with the economy.
Gil-I don’t know much about the economy. I don’t really pay attention, all I know is that I get money and I spend it. (That’s okay man, keep making music.)

MI-What do you think about the actions of the US in the Middle East?
Gil-Again, I don’t mix with politics. I don’t know what their intentions are. I hope their intentions are good, but then again I think this world is corrupt. I don’t know what their intentions are there. I don’t know if the powers that be want to grow more powerful or if they really want to help these people.

MI-Who is your hero?
Gil-I don’t know if I have one. MI-How about this one, if you could be a super hero who would it be? Gil-If I could be a superhero, I would probably be Aqua Man because I love the water. I love swimming.

MI-What do your parents think about your career?
Gil-They think I should be on American Idol. (I like your parents. They might not have a handle on metal music, but they do know just how talented you are.)

MI-If you could have lunch with three people, living or dead, who would it be?
Gil-My grandfather, Maynard from Tool, and Moses. (I think I would like to see Maynard talk to Moses myself.)

MI-What do you want people to know about Gil Bitton?
Gil-I don’t even know that I know who I am myself (laughing). I am just very complex. I like to think of myself as a good person, and I am very sneaky.

MI-Who do you think the greatest rock star of all time is?
Gil-Freddy Mercury. (Freddy did fucking rule. He was a class act.)

MI-Who do you think the greatest guitar player of all time is?
Gil-Stevie Ray Vaughn. MI-Stevie Ray Vaughn?!? He is my favorite too.

MI-If you had a million dollars to donate to any charity, what charity would that be?
Gil-It would probably be The Cancer Society, or world hunger.

MI-Do you believe in reincarnation?
Gil-Yes. MI-Do you believe you have lived past lives? Gil-Yes. MI-Do you believe you can reincarnate either forward or backward in time? Gil-If I was reincarnated, I would like to go forward.

MI-Do you have a message for your fans?
Gil-Absolutely. As simple as it sounds-just believe in yourself.

MI-Who is your favorite poet?
Gil-Edgar Allen Poe.

MI-When is the next Endo album coming out?
Gil-If it comes out, it is going to come out before 2004.

Thanks Gil. I really loved Songs For The Restless AND catching you LIVE at OZZFEST 2003. I can’t wait to catch you and the boys when you come back my way, and I suggest-fucking strongly, that the rest of you try to catch Endo in a town near you!

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