Goatwhore At The Masquerade


Goatwhore: Ben Falgoust-Vocals. Sammy Duet-Guitars. Zack Simmons-Drums. Pat Bruders-Bass. Ben Stout-Guitars.

I have always liked fucking Goatwhore. Let me tell you children, Goatwhore will stomp your motherfucking ass. -But I never realized some things about Goatwhore, like Sammy Duet was in Acid Bath and Goatwhore is what he put together when Acid Bath broke up or that Ben Falgoust is in Soilent Green. This just made me want Goatwhore more. -The band is from Louisiana and it is the first black metal/death metal band I have ever heard of coming from Louisiana. You would think that a state with a museum based on necromancy and more vodoo shops than you can shake a fucking stick at would have more black metal. You would think there wouldn’t be a whole lot of Zydeco left-but the only black metal band I have heard is Goatwhore coming out of Louisiana these days. See, it may not be true and I can see the emails now. Uhh Barb, Acid Bath, Soilent Green, and Crowbar were from Louisiana. Uhh. Look, this is just the way I fucking see it at three o’clock in the morning and I am feeling a little poetic and historical about my Goatwhore experience. So email me if you have to. Shit. -Back to my story, Goatwhore was recently signed to my good friends -the gentle earth-shattering, bone-crushing, honest, lovely people at Metal Blade. This made them even more enticing. I got Ben and Sammy at the end of my lens. It was good. -I really love Ben Falgoust as a vocalist. He has your basic low end black metal growl-like a Chris Barnes-with a great melodic element to it. It isn’t so much that his voice stands out above the crowd. He is a fucking excellent showman. If you have never seen him before-go.
-Then there is the infamous Sammy Duet on guitars and backing vocals. He does this thing with Falgoust that reminds me a little bit of Lacuna Coil-but they do not trade of melodic singing and growling so much. They trade off growling and more melodic growling in different octaves-they aren’t the usual screams of panic and terror that happen when a band tries this move. Like I said, it is a growling and a more melodic growling. He also plays a mean ass guitar. Musicians in death metal bands rarely suck. -Pat Bruders on bass has a good thundering style, and he turns that amp up so you can feel in in the back of your throat. -Ben Stout on guitar was a pretty decent back up to Sammy Duet. Not everybody in the band gets to be the hero, somebody has to play rhythm-look at James Hetfield. -Zack Simmons is the new kid in the band on drums. It must be a real bitch to jump into a situation with a seasoned touring band, but this guy fucking kicked ass and took names nicely. The drummer CANNOT ever drop the fucking ball in an extreme metal situation or the whole thing falls apart on stage. I have seen it happen. Nasty. -Goatwhore kicks ass, and they have gotten better every time I have seen them. You want to go see these guys, because they are the future of American BLACK METAL. -Some great track live were NOCTURNAL HOLOCAUST and BLOOD GUILT EUCHARIST. -Like I said, GO. Go see them. They fucking kick ass.


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